MY’s 2nd Birthday @ Slappy Cakes (The Grandstand)

For MY’s 2nd birthday, we had a simple family gathering at Slappy Cakes located at The Grandstand (old Turf City).  Slappy Cakes is a restaurant where you make your own pancakes, and since our family had many kids, we thought it would be a fun place to gather.

A few days before the celebration, I used the contact form on Slappy Cake’s website to make a reservation for 20 pax.  I didn’t get any reply from them, so the day before the celebration, I called them to ask if they received my reservation and the guy on the phone said they did not take reservation! I said I had about 20 pax and he said no problem, we could just walk it.  Ummm.. I was thinking.. Either their premises was huge, or their business was bad.  But later that afternoon, another lady called me and said that she had received my reservation online and confirmed that she would reserve tables for 20 for me.

On that day, we arrived and were shown to a cosy corner that just nice accommodated 20 of us.

slappy cakes 1

Their pancake batter came in 5 flavours: Chocolate, Wholegrain, Peanut Butter, Zucchini and Buttermilk.  We decided to be exotic and ordered chocolate, zucchini and peanut butter.  Zucchini sounded like a pretty good way to con kids into eating veggies!

slappy cakes 2slappy cakes 3

4 year old MF was very keen to make his own pancake.  He started by making a conservative round pancake with strawberry topping.

slappy cakes 4

Then he went on to be a bit more adventurous:

slappy cakes 5slappy cakes 6

As the meal progressed, we got better and better at designing pancakes.

slappy cakes 7slappy cakes 11slappy cakes 10slappy cakes 9slappy cakes 8

3 bottles of batter wasn’t a lot, and before we knew it, we had emptied all the bottles. With the last bit of batter left, we wrote some words:

slappy cakes 12

After that, we had our cake-cutting with a cake that we brought ourselves.

slappy cakes birthday

The kids (and adults) had a lot of fun making pancakes, but we felt it was a tad overpriced at $8 a bottle of batter.  And it was kind of boring to have only black and white colours to work with – why didn’t they have green-coloured Zucchini or red-coloured strawberry flavour or orange-coloured orange flavour.. Know what I mean? It would have been a lot more fun with different colours and it would have enticed us to buy more bottles of batter.

Overall, Slappy Cakes was a nice place to hold a family or friends gathering if you have many kids in the company although I can’t say the food was worth the price.  Sure, we could hold a DIY pancake party at home with a few hot plates and plenty of colourful batter at a fraction of the price, but it would mess up our house.  So.. spend a bit more and save the hassle!


Address: The Grandstand #01-20/21, 200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994

Tel: +65 64651814

Opening Hours:
10am – 9.30pm (Tue – Fri)
8am – 9.30pm (Weekends and Public Holidays)
Closed on Mondays

Website: Official Homepage | Facebook Page


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