New cars at Fidgets @ Turf City

I used to go to Fidgets almost everyday when MF was 6-7 month old and learning to crawl.  Fidgets is a great place for babies who are just learning to crawl.. With their cushioned play area with small climbing structure for babies below 2 (you can read more in my previous post about Fidgets).  I could leave MF inside the play area and he would entertain himself for hours, while I sit back and relax at the cafe.

But once MF figured out how to crawl to the top of the soft structure, it was no longer safe to leave him there alone, because he knows how to go up, but doesn’t know how to come down.. So I got to watch him closely.  After a while, it was not challenging enough for him anymore, as he could get to the top in a split second.  He needed bigger, taller steps to climb.. And the big kids play area at Fidgets was not very appropriate.  (I prefer the big kids play area at Polliwogs and Explorer Kid).  And to make things worse, he figured out how to climb out from the baby play area… -_-

So after MF was about 8 months, I seldom visited Fidgets… Until recently, when a few mummy friends wanted to meet up for a play date with our 9-10 month old babies, and we didn’t feel like going somewhere crowded because it was a Primary School holiday that day, so we decided to meet at Fidgets.

When I was there, I noticed they added two new cars:


You can tell from MF’s face that he is not a fan of cars… And the bigger one (on the right) is not suitable for small babies.. There is a hole at the bottom (meant for older kids to use their feet to move the car) and MF fell right through.  Although having new cars is not going to entice me to visit more frequently (especially after MF turns 1 and it is no longer free of charge), but it is still great to know that they are making improvements! 🙂

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