New indoor playground, Fun N Laughter, opening soon at City Square Mall!

Heads up, folks! A new indoor playground, Fun N Laughter, is slated to open at City Square Mall in February.

After blogging about indoor playgrounds for more than 3 years, the sound of ‘new playground’ sets my heart racing, fingers typing and stroller wheels rolling.  Oh wait, it’s not open yet.  *puts my stroller back* So all I have now is the address.

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539

Woah.. Petite Park, beware.  Competition’s coming right to your doorstep!

Update (23 Jan 2015):  They have a Facebook Page!  It looks pretty much work-in-progress, all renovation photos for now.  You can follow it if you wish to receive first-hand news when they open. 

From the looks of it, their mascot is a Panda and the playground is going to have a Pandaish-bambooish theme.  The focus seems to be active play, so probably more suitable for older kids rather babies and toddlers. WHICH IS CLEVER because it means they are not in direct competition to their neighbour, Petite Park.

Received email from their manager letting me know about what they offer:
(Words in blue are my own added opinion.)

They have 2 party rooms. They are divided by a door in between. Estimated the rooms are suitable for 15-20 and 10 children (with their parents).  (Doesn’t sound very big, probably for small cozy parties.)

The smaller room has an interactive projector which is installed with some simple games.

Youtube video of example:

(Great! Something we don’t see often.  Though I think Polliwogs at East Coast Park has a play pad that works something like that? Maybe theirs will be higher resolution?)


Play structure is mainly catered for 2-10years old.  (Yay! My kids are in that age range!) It will contain
-Ball Pit (which playground doesn’t?)
-Air cannon/blaster (no longer a fad)
-Slide (there better be at least one)
-Trampoline (my jumpy kids will love this)
-etc. (that’s it??)

They will also have a nursing room. (AWESOME!)

[Update (6 Feb 2015): I brought MY for the soft opening, read my review on this post!]

[Update (8 Feb 2015): MY and his friends had a combined birthday celebration at Fun N Laughter! Read about it on this post.]


  • natasha.k says:

    You saved my ass with this venue! I was just complaining on FB about how unprofessional and how inconsistent Happy Willow has been when a bigger tentative booking came in after I had express interest and I was ready to put down money to secure the booking. Then the boss said oh no, it’s not a price bid. Even a smaller party will be honoured if it’s booked first. So when I asked why wasn’t mine honoured just because a bigger party came in yesterday, they said oh actually since your boy is turning 3, it doesn’t matter which outlet… and then gave me a bunch of inconsistent stories etc. Sigh.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Happy Willow. Don’t let it spoil your celebration mood! Hope you find another venue for your boy’s party soon. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

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