Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Ngee Ann City / Takashimaya
July 2, 2013

There are two nursing rooms at Ngee Ann City: One at Basement 2, next to the toilet and one inside Takashimaya Level 3 Level 4, next to the Children’s department.

*Update (2 July 2013):  Takashimaya is currently undergoing some renovation and the nursing room at Takashimaya has been relocated to Level 4.*


Nursing Room at Takashimaya:

Seperation: Private nursing cubicles available, seperated by doors with lock.

Description: Posh and elegant looking, there are separate areas for diaper-changing and nursing. Within each nursing cubicle, there is a single comfortable sofa and a diaper-changing table.


If you only wish to change diapers, there are several diaper-changing tables in the changing area.

Water dispenser: Hot and cold water dispenser available

Power point: Power point available in the nursing room.

Nursing room at Basement 2:

Seperation: Two private nursing cubicle, seperated from the diaper-changing area by door with lock.

Description:  The nursing cubicles are not very spacious and the folding door that opens inwards makes it difficult to close the door if you bring your stroller in.  There is a diaper-changing table within the nursing cubicle.

There are another two diaper-changing tables outside the nursing cubicles.

Water dispenser: Hot water dispenser available.

Power point: Available inside nursing cubicle.

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