Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Causeway Point
April 13, 2012

Where:  There are several nursing rooms scattered around the newly renovated mall, near most of the toilets.

Separation:  Nursing cubicle is separated from diaper-changing area by curtains.


Cleanliness: Good

Beauty: The nursing rooms are nicely decorated with wallpaper and cute pictures of milk bottles and prams.


Some nursing rooms are larger than others.  The one I visited on the first storey is huge and there are two sofas inside the nursing area, probably for your companion.


The smaller nursing rooms only has one sofa inside the nursing area, but there is another sofa outside so that your companion can sit comfortably while waiting.

20120413-112116.jpg  20120413-112136.jpg

Power point: Some of the nursing rooms have power point inside the nursing area.  The big nursing room on Level 1 doesn’t have, but another the nursing room I visited on Level 3 has. (You can see it from the picture above.)

Water dispenser: Hot and cold water dispenser available in each nursing room.

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