Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Centrepoint
August 24, 2011

[Update (September 2015): Centrepoint is undergoing major renovations.  Click here to check out their NEW NURSING ROOMS!]

[Update (Jan 2015): Robinsons moved out of Centrepoint and their shop space has been replaced by Metro. As a result, there is a newly renovated nursing room on Level 6 now. I have yet to visit the new nursing room there, but I have attached photographs that my friend sent me.]

At Centrepoint, there is a shared nursing area on Level 3 and a diaper-changing cum nursing room on Level 6. If privacy is an issue for you, go straight to the nursing room on level 6.

Level 3 nursing room:

Where: On level 3, walk all the way to the end of the long passage and you will not miss the nursing room with a sign as large as this.

The nursing area is seperated from the diaper-changing area by a door, but it cannot be locked.


A wooden and pink theme. Lots of chair / cushioned benches for the whole family to sit around. Inside the nursing area, there are two long cushioned benches.

Water dispenser: None

Power point: None


Level 6:

Where: At Metro (Level 6)

IMG-20150117-WA0001 IMG-20150117-WA0002 IMG-20150117-WA0004IMG-20150117-WA0003

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