Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Clementi Mall
September 19, 2011

Where: Inside the food court (next to the play area) on Level 4, and also near the toilets on Level 3, 4 and 5.

Seperation: Private nursing area seperated from diaper-changing area by sliding door with lock.

Cleanliness: Very good

Beauty:  The nursing room at the food court has cheerful polka-dotted wallpaper and a potted plant on the counter gives the room a nice, happy feel.

The nursing area is small, so you can’t push your stroller in.  There is only a plastic chair inside for mummy.


If the plastic chair bothers you, hop over to the other nursing rooms instead.  The nursing room at Level 3 resembles the nursing room at Paragon, with a similar comfy sofa:

Power point: Available inside nursing area.

Water dispenser: Hot water dispenser available

Additional feature:  Just outside the Parents’ room in the food court, there is a play area.  Finally, someone installs a play area in a food court… Isn’t that wonderful? Too bad, MF is still too young to play there..

There is also a magazine rack.. In case your companion needs some entertainment (other than eating) while waiting for you to nurse.

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