Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ E!Hub Downtown East
November 14, 2011

Where: There is a nice nursing room on Level 1 near the toilets (near where you board the ferris wheel) and a not-so-nice one on Level 2 near the toilets.

Separation:  The nursing area is not separated from the diaper-changing area, but the whole room can be locked.

Cleanliness: The one on Level 1 is pretty clean, but the one on level 2 is less pleasant, with the chair for nursing just next to the diaper-changing table and bin.

Beauty: The one on Level 1 is nicely decorated with wallpaper and proper cushioned benches for nursing. The door opens outwards and it is big enough for you to push your stroller in, but the silly eatery just outside the nursing room placed a table and seats just outside the door, so the poor guy eating there had to keep standing up to let me in and out of the nursing room.

The one on Level 2 is extremely bare, with just a plastic chair placed inside the diaper-changing room for nursing.

Power point: None

Water dispenser: None

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