Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Review (19/5/2015 Update)
November 4, 2011


Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Location

Forum Shopping Mall’s Baby Care Room was located on Level 1.  After you enter the main entrance for the mall, look for the signs to the toilets.  You will have to pass through a closed swinging door.  Once you pass the door, you will see the Mother’s Room on your left.

Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Review 01

Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Description

There were two private breastfeeding areas, separated loosely from the rest of the Mother’s Room by curtains.  The diaper-changing area was located within the breastfeeding area.

One of the breastfeeding area was very cramped, with the diaper-changing table right next to the sofa.

Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Review 02

The other breastfeeding area was slightly more spacious.

Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Review 03

There was one more sofa outside the breastfeeding areas, so companions would have a place to sit while waiting.

Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Review 04

The washing area had a tap, soap dispenser and paper tower dispenser.

Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Review 05

Considering how many years this nursing room has been around, it was very clean and well-maintained.  The sofas were a bit old though.

Overall, the decor of the nursing room was pretty posh, but not exactly practical.  I didn’t feel very comfortable with the diaper-changing table within the breastfeeding area.  And then the dustbin for disposing diapers was outside, quite far away.  On one hand, it was more hygienic that way since nobody would want the bin inside the breastfeeding area.  But quite a hassle if you are just there to change diapers to not have a bin right next to you.

Also, I felt that the curtain separation was very messy.

Word of caution: There was a big gigantic lamp hanging right over the dustbin. Looks pretty no doubt, but my friend knocked into while trying to dispose the diaper.  (I almost knocked into it also, even AFTER my friend warned me.  It’s just the height and position, if you are not aware and cautious, you will just knock into it.)

Forum Shopping Mall Nursing Room Ammenites:

Power point: There were power points inside the breastfeeding areas.

Water dispenser: None

Information on Forum Shopping Mall:

Address: 583 Orchard Rd, 238884

Tel: 6732 2469

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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