Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Great World City
October 19, 2011

Where: Basement 1, next to the toilets

Seperation: Two private nursing cubicles, separated from the diaper-changing area by doors with lock.

Cleanliness: Very good

Beauty: If anyone is to ask me which is the nicest nursing room in Singapore, I would tell them, Great World City wins hands down! The moment you step into the room, you will think you are in some posh hotel! The crystal lights, flower decoration, classy signage, squeaky clean white counter… This has to be one of the cleanest and definitely most beautiful nursing room in Singapore!

Walk a little further in and you will see 2 diaper-changing stations with cute mobile hanging on top.. I always love it when they install mobiles above diaper-changing stations.. MF loved the mobile, and it kept him still long enough for a quick diaper-change!

The nursing cubicles have a nice comfortable sofa and a table for your belongings.  It may not be big enough for you to push your stroller in if you have a big stroller, but small strollers should go in just fine.  The door opens outwards, allowing you to close the door easily after pushing the stroller in.  The only thing lacking here is the lack of waiting area for companions.

Power point: Available inside each nursing cubicle.

Water dispenser: Hot water dispenser available.

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