Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Ikea (Tampines / Alexandra)
September 20, 2011

I’m going to lump the posts for nursing rooms at both Ikea into one, since the rooms are exact replicas.

Where: For Tampines Ikea, there are two nursing rooms: on Level 3 near the toilets at the entrance, and Level 4 near the toilets at the cafe. For Alexandra, the nursing room is near the toilets at the cafe.

Seperation: The nursing area is not seperated from the diaper-changing area, but the whole room can be locked.

Cleanliness: One of the worst.. I was really disappointed with the cleanliness of Ikea’s nursing rooms.  On their website, they pride themselves as a ubber child-friendly place to go, hence I had high expectations of their nursing facility.  But when I entered (at BOTH Tampines and Alexandra), I was hit by smell of the sky-high pile of soiled diapers in the open bin.  Doesn’t anybody bother to clear the bins??

Okay, to be fair, I never dared to enter Ikea’s nursing rooms for months after my initial experience, and in my most recent visit (on a weekday early afternoon) to the Tampines outlet, I must say the room is much cleaner. I’m not sure if it’s because I was there on a weekday so there is less crowd, or Ikea has received feedback and took steps to ensure the nursing room remains clean.  You be the judge.

Beauty: Every nook and corner has is decorated by Ikea furnishing.. Not bad I would say (minus the smelly bin and diapers and some peeling wall).


Power point: Available beside diaper-changing table, not beside the sofa (not exactly ideal if you want to use your electric pump.. Maybe you can drag the sofa over to the power point?)

Water dispenser: Hot and cold water dispenser available

Additional feature: If you need a microwave, there is one you can use at the cafe.

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