Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ IMM
October 25, 2012

Where: Level 3, near the toilets that are next to the carpark.


Separation: the nursing area is not separated from the diaper-changing area, but the whole room can be locked.

Cleanliness: the whole room looked clean when I was there on a quiet weekday, but the bin for disposing diaper does not have a cover and is just next to the bench for nursing which I find a bit unhygienic.


Beauty: room is nicely decorated by wallpaper which makes the room bright and cheery. The bench for nursing is hard and not particularly comfortable, cramped between the bin and diaper-changing area.


Water dispenser: None

Power point: Available beside the sink.

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  • Joyce Soh says:

    Good news! There is a lovely new baby care room in IMM Level 2.
    Spacious, beautifully decorated, hot & cold water dispenser, 4 cubicles for nursing (power point included) and big covered bin for smelly diapers. Thumbs up!

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