Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Marina Bay Sands (The Shoppes)

Where: There are quite a few nursing rooms scattered around the sprawling mall near some of the toilets. There is also a Baby Care Room located near shop unit 01-28.

Nursing Rooms around the malls:

Seperation: The nursing bench is not seperated from the diaper-changing area, but the whole diaper-changing room can be locked.

Cleanliness: Good.  The nursing room is huge, so the nursing bench is far away from the bin and toilet.

Beauty: The first thing that struck me when I entered the nursing room was how HUGE but bare it was.  There is a cushioned bench for nursing, and the rubbish chute lookalike thing on the wall is the diaper-changing table.  I was expecting something a lot more glam, considering this is Marina Bay Sands we are talking about.. But alas, I was disappointed.

Power point: None

Water dispenser: None

Additional feature:  In one of the nursing room I visited, there was a child toilet bowl inside.  But in another nursing room, there was an adult toilet bowl in its place.


Baby Care Room near Unit 01-28



Look for the above baby-changing sign near unit 01-28 and follow the direction, it will bring you to a nice Baby Care Room.  The room is properly equipped with sofa for nursing,  a diaper-changing mat, bags for disposing diapers, hangers for your bag, a baby seat and hot water dispenser.



Be careful not to go near the door when nursing, because it is motion-sensored and will open up if it senses movement nearby, even when locked!

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