Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ NEX (Isetan)
April 13, 2012

Where: NEX has several baby care rooms located near most of the toilets, which can be locked so you can use them to nurse. However, the stool is hard and uncomfortable and it’s right next to the diaper disposal bin, so I usually use the nursery at Isetan to nurse. Isetan’s nursery is located on the 3rd storey, inside the baby department.

Separation: two private nursing cubicles available, separated from the diaper changing area by door with lock.

Cleanliness: Good

Beauty: no fancy decoration, but clean and functional. The nursing cubicle has only one chair and a table, but there are chairs outside for companions to wait.



Power point: Available inside each nursing cubicle.

Water dispenser: Hot water dispenser available.

Extra: There are high chairs available and Yakult machine.

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