Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Northpoint
August 2, 2011

*UPDATE (13/10/2010)*
New post about the renovated nursing rooms at Northpoint.

Northpoint is the closest mall to my home, and thankfully, it is one of the malls with the best nursing facilities!

On every floor, near the toilets, there will be a nursing room.

In the old wing, the nursing rooms are seperated from the diaper changing area with curtains. If you do not feel safe, go over to the new wing where the nursing rooms are seperated by doors with lock.

I prefer using the nursing rooms on B1 or 2nd-4th floor as I find the nursing rooms on Level 1 usually dirty.

The walls of the nursing rooms in the new wing are beautifully decorated, with a different theme on each floor. There was a time my boy would rather look at the pictures than to nurse! (thankfully he has outgrown that)

Water Dispenser:
There is hot/cold water dispenser in each nursing room.

Power point:
The nursing rooms in the new wing do not have power point, but the old wing does. (Oh well, you can’t get the best of both worlds here..)

Nursing Room in the new wing:

Nursing Room in the old wing:

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