Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Singapore Changi Airport

I love going to the airport! No, not that I travel a lot (in fact, I haven’t travelled since MF was born.. bummer).. But hubby and I like to go there for meals. Parking is cheap ($2.50 for 3 hours on weekday evenings if you enter between 6-9pm and all day on weekends) and the nursing room there is fantastic!


There should be nursing rooms scattered around all 3 terminals, but I never went to scout. These are the ones I know of:

Terminal 1:

  • At the arrival Hall, next to toilets beside Burger King.
  • At the viewing gallery, next to Canopy Playground.

Terminal 3:

  • At the departure hall, the baby care rooms are located at the end near to the link to Crowne Plaza Hotel and another one near the toilet that is hidden behind the lift that you can take up to Level 3 and 4 (to get to Crystal Jade / Earl Swensen).
  • At the arrival hall, it is next to TCC.
  • At Basement 2, there is a huge baby care room beside the food court (Kopitiam). There is a smaller one near the playground, it is in an inconspicuous corridor, follow the sign near the entrance to the slide @ T3.

Sliding door with lock.

Very clean.. The cleaners are always nearby to wipe up the place!

Nice and simple.

Water Dispenser:
Hot water dispenser available.

Power point:
Available inside nursing room.

Additional feature:
There is a diaper-dispenser there where you can purchase a diaper if you run out!

Baby Care Room at Terminal 1:

Baby Care Room at Departure / Arrival halls at Terminal 3:img_2887img_2889

Baby Care Room at Terminal 3 Basement 2 (next to food court):

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