Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Singapore River Safari

Where: There are two nursing rooms near the toilets at the entrance plaza (before entering the park).  There are also three nursing rooms within the park: At the Giant Panda Forest, near the exit of the souvenir shop.  At the Amazon Square, near the start of the river quest. At the Amazon Flooded River, just before exiting the park.

20130221-170819.jpg  IMG_3025

Separation: the nursing area is not separated from the diaper changing area, but the whole room can be locked.

Description: Generally clean, but the chair for nursing is near the diaper-changing area and disposal bin, something I am personally not fond of.

Overall it was a no frills diaper-changing cum nursing room. There is a fold-out chair to be used for nursing and an extra stool for companion.

20130221-171107.jpg IMG_3026

There is just enough room for a stroller after you open up the fold-out chair.


Power point: available

Water dispenser: none

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