Singapore Nursing Rooms Review @ Tampines One
September 20, 2011

Where: Level 2 and 5, near the toilets

Seperation: Private nursing cubicle available, seperated from diaper-changing area by door with lock.

Cleanliness: Good

Beauty: Refreshing lime green colour and glass doors make you feel comfortable and welcome to the nursing rooms here.

The nursing cubicle is a bit small.  My hubby and I managed to squeeze inside together, but we’re both quite thin and it was a bit tight.  There is no space for stroller inside the nursing cubicle.

Power point: The power point is OUTSIDE the nursing cubicle.. So if you want to use your electric pump here, it better have a really loooong wire.

Water dispenser: Hot and cold water dispenser available.

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  • Roz says:

    Really? Both of you can squeeze into that tiny space? Gosh…I get in there with the baby and full house already~

  • Lin says:

    Such a bad experience for me.

    I used the room today to express my milk. And yes, I need to place my pump on the floor to connect to the plug outside the room. While I was pumping, it was the lack of privacy that bothered me the most. People were in and out using the water dispenser. The room was more of a pantry and not a nursing room. Two guys even called out, asking me what was I charging!
    After I was done, it was also kind of difficult to pack up as all things had to be placed on the sofa.

  • Jasmine David says:

    Just used the nursing room on 5th floor today.
    It smelt horrid like someone pee all over the floor. Plus the floor was all wet n while nursing a person kept walking in and out of the room slamming the door n bins

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