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Westgate Nursing Room Review

Location: Westgate Nursing Room is located on level 4, near the toilets closest to the playground, Westgate Wonderland.

Separation: 3 breastfeeding rooms were available.  They were separated from the diaper-changing area by sliding doors with lock.

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Description:  The nursing cubicle was a bit narrow, with space for just one armed chair.  There was a small ledge along the wall, just above the power point.  Great for mothers who need to express breastmilk as you can put your pump and bottles on the ledge.  The sliding door allows you to push the stroller in and still close the door behind easily.

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The rest of the nursing room was very spacious with 4 diaper-changing stations.  The room was very well-maintained and clean when I was there.  What was lacking was a waiting area for family members.  Companions of the nursing mum would have to wait outside the nursing room.

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Water dispenser: A hot and cold water dispenser was available.

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Power point: There was a power point inside the breastfeeding room.

Family Toilets at Westgate

The handicap toilets at Westgate doubled up as family toilets.  I visited the one on the 4th floor, near the kiddy rides area.

In the family toilet, you can find a child toilet bowl and child basin.

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There was also a baby seat.  It was strategically placed between the diaper-changing table and adult toilet bowl.

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Information about Westgate:

Address: 3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Access by MRT:  Westgate is directly connected to Jurong East MRT (NS1/EW24)

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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