Wisma Atria Nursing Room Review (Updated 7 Jan 2016)
August 5, 2011


Wisma Atria Nursing Room Location

The nursing room at Wisma Atria is inside the female toilet on Level 3.   Which means daddies will not be able to access it.

If you need daddy for diaper-changing duty, there is a diaper-changing table in the handicap toilet on Level 3.

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Wisma Atria Nursing Room Description

The nursing room at Wisma Atria is literally a corner carved out of the toilet.

Wisma Atria Nursing Room Review 02

The room is separated from the toilet by a curtain.

Wisma Atria Nursing Room Review 05

There is a sofa for the nursing mum which is cushy and comfortable enough.

Wisma Atria Nursing Room Review 03

There is a diaper-changing table right next to the sofa.  You will also find a sink and soap dispenser, that’s it.

Wisma Atria Nursing Room Review 04

I totally dislike the open bin.  Imo any bin for diaper-disposal should at least have a lid on.  You know what will happen once there’s a soiled diaper in this bin.  Coupled with the fact that the nursing room is inside the toilet.  You can be sure this is not one of the most pleasant-smelling nursing rooms around.

I seldom use the nursing room here.  If I’m in the area, I would rather take a walk and use the nursing rooms at either Takashimaya or ION.



Water dispenser: None

Power point: None

Information on Wisma Atria

Address: 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877

Map: Click here for google map location

Getting There: Orchard MRT (NS22)

Contact Number: 6235 2103

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram #WismaAtria


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  • Yevgenia says:

    Do not EVER use this unless you are desperate. It had baby cockroaches roaming all over. And only separated from the bathroom by a curtain. Awful.

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