One month of great fun at Hokey Pokey

Since its opening one month ago, Hokey Pokey has fast become my favourite hangout.. Not a good thing for my wallet, but great for my sanity.. It’s currently the only place where I can actually sit and eat (gobbling and swallowing food, which is what I usually do, does not count as eating) while MF runs wild in the playground on his own and I need not worry that he is going to fall down from some tall structure or run out of my sight or get abducted. For a SAHM, to be able to have a meal without having to jump out of my seat every minute is sheer joy. While I enjoy my food, MF enjoys his pretend-food:

Hokey Pokey has really distinguished itself from other playgrounds, as a place set up by mummies who really know what mummies need.  There is something intrinsic about this place that I can’t quite put into words.. But let me try to list a few things that make this place such a great hangout:

  • they allow you to bring your own food in.. Which means I don’t need to pay a bomb for pathetic food like in most other indoor playgrounds with cafe.
  • Unlimited play time on weekdays.  Although many playgrounds offer this, but with a toddler like MF, I am required to follow him like a hawk and climb up and down and run around with him so it’s too tiring to stay long anyway.. Whereas here, MF can play safely on his own, so I can sit back and relax all day.
  • The staff members are great! At most other playgrounds, the staff just sit at the entrance and collect money and go around to pick up toys and keep the place clean.. But here, the staff will play with MF when there aren’t many other kids around. Sometimes when I’m reading a magazine at the cafe area and MF starts whining because he’s stuck in the ball pit or something, the staff will swiftly rescue him before I can even hop off the chair!

So far, all my mummy friends who have been there LOVE it.  If Hokey Pokey paid me $1 for every mummy whom I recommended there and $10 if they signed up for membership, I would be rich $$$!! With most of my friends now being members, our default play date venue has officially been migrated here from Royce.

Well.. I think I’ve written enough.. This post is getting too wordy.  Here are some photos of MF’s visits over the past month..


In just one month, I noticed that they do try to make changes once in a while.. Either they change the arrangement, or they bring in new toys.  This castle wasn’t around during the beta testing.. It was there since my second visit and MF LOVES it.  He is now learning to climb up the slide on his own.. Not easy at all for a 15-month old.. But give him another month, I’m sure he will figure it out.



More recently, they had this new inflatable toy that looks like a gym for really small babies… When MF saw it, he wanted me to put him inside.. So I did, just to satisfy his curiosity.. As expected, he didn’t like being confined inside and started making noise after a few seconds (just long enough for me to snap a photo).


I also noticed they have a bin for you to throw toys that went into kids’ mouths, which I think is a fantastic idea! But it is pretty inconspicuous and I wonder how many people know about this bin, because every time I use it, it seems to be empty and I feel I’m the only person dumping things inside.. MF can’t be the only kid who keeps sticking things into his mouth right?? Hmmm… *sheepish look*.. Oh well.. If your kid is anything like MF, for hygiene purpose, please help to dump dirty toys into the bin okay?


And a piece of advice if you are heading to Hokey Pokey.. Bring your jackets along, it can get pretty cold there (though nothing beats eXplorer Kid at AMK Hub, that one is a freezer), especially on rainy days.

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