Open Farm Community (Dempsey, Minden Road) Review


It was one of those days where Nat and I wanted to meet up for lunch date.  She had her kid with her, I had my kids with me, so we needed somewhere the kids could play. Hence, she suggested Open Farm Community which had a sand playground for kids.


Open Farm Community is an extremely popular establishment nestled near Dempsey area.  We were there on a weekday afternoon and the parking lot was full during lunch time! They occupied a 35,000 square feet of land where you can find a restaurant, a cafe, sand playgrounds, a lawn bowling lane and as the name suggests, a farm.

Open Farm Community Playground


Let’s start with the playground since it was my greatest motivation for visiting Open Farm Community.  There were two sand playgrounds side by side. The larger one had a wooden cow and a wooden pig structure to suit the whole farm concept; the smaller one was just a sandpit.


There were some sand toys in the playground, but you can always bring your own – just in case there are too many kids around and not enough toys to go around.


The wooden cow had a slide behind, and well, kids love slides in general so you can’t go wrong with having a slide.


The pig was smaller and I wasn’t sure what was so fun about it since it didn’t have a slide.


But leave it to the kids’ creativity, they would think of something.  Like how MF decided to keep climbing up and jumping off, landing in the sand below.


Just beside the playground, you will find the conveniently located sinks and toilets. There was a diaper-changing station inside the handicap toilet.


And speaking of toilets, you got to love their creativity and sense of humour with the toilet signs, although the younger kids who can’t read will probably have a hard time identifying which toilet they should go to.  :p


Open Farm Community Restaurant


I made a reservation for the restaurant beforehand, because apparently it is very difficult to get a table without one.

The restaurant was full when we were there, and we were quickly settled at our reserved table.  I ordered tagliatelle with braised oxtail ($27++) for myself, a kids lasagna ($19++) and kids fish pie ($19++) for the kids.  It was one of the those occasions where the kids were absolutely starving and dug their fork and spoon into all the food before I had a chance to take a photo, hence the lack of photos here.  Frankly, there are days I would like to enjoy a good meal without having to take photos, and bringing two kids out is tiring enough without having to go through the block-the-kids-from-the-food-to-take-photo scenario, so I let them be.  Let me just entertain you with a photo that Nat took:


The food was here was pretty good. MF loved the kids lasagna a lot and left none for me.  MY couldn’t finish his fish pie and I helped him with it and it was delicious.  However, as good as they tasted, I found the food pretty pricey in general at $27++ for the adult pasta and $19++ for each kids dish. Oh well… 35,000 square feet of land can’t come cheap in Singapore.

The restaurant was not near the playground unfortunately, so it was not like I could sit back and enjoy my meal while the kids went to play.   Overall, I found the restaurant too noisy for my liking and frankly I had a headache by the time I was done eating due to the noise in an enclosed space.  And for the first time I couldn’t hear my own kids at a restaurant – that’s how noisy it was. (Usually my kids are the noisiest in the restaurant and I would have to hush them down.)

Open Farm Community Cafe

Just next to the restaurant was the cafe section.  The cafe had an alfresco dining area that was next to the playground – and this would have been my choice venue for dining.  IF NOT FOR THE FACT THAT IT RAINED.


At the cafe area, there were comfy sofas to lounge on while you sip a drink and watch the kids wander around the playground.


There was also a table tennis table, which you need to reserve beforehand and cost $5 per hour.


I think I would have been a lot happier with my visit to Open Farm Community if it had not been raining and I could sit at the cafe area to dine.

Lawn Bowling


Besides table tennis, the other activity offered at Open Farm Community was lawn bowling.  Prior reservation was required and the activity cost $10 per hour.


I made a booking for lawn bowling during our visit but we never got to play because of the rain.  SIGH… I was looking forward to let the kids play something new.

Open Farm Community – The Farm


The rest of the 35,000 square feet land that Open Farm Community sits on is essentially a farm where vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers were being grown.


It was pretty fun walking around the farm and watching the people work on it.  It’s not something you get to see much in Singapore.


I found it pretty rejuvenating to look and smell the flowers and plants around the farm.


There were even stone sculptures and water features just to make you feel totally zen.


Walking through the farm reminded me a little of our stroll at Botanical Gardens, but much smaller and less tiring.


It was particularly fun to spot plants that were part of the dishes we had at the restaurant!


In Summary…

Open Farm Community is a unique hangout for the family.  The food was splendid, albeit expensive.  The playground, table tennis table and lawn bowling provided entertainment for everyone.  It was also nice to see diaper-changing facility.

However, a visit to Open Farm Community is highly dependent on weather and the rain kind of ruined our visit.  Coupled with the need to make reservations due to its popularity, it’s a bit hard to plan a visit.  You can’t just walk in on a fine day (okay, you can, but you risk not being able to get a table).  And you can’t guarantee good weather on the day that you have made a reservation for (like what happened to us).

Information on Open Farm Community:

Address: 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 12pm to 10pm
  • Saturday – Sunday/PH: 11am to 10pm

Telephone Number: +65 6471 0306

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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  • the hOOter says:

    I liked their food too, and the concept of the farmer’s garden where we can roam around, plus a kids’ playground. But yeah, have to agree about the noise within the dining area, akin to greenhouse effect 😛 And if the sun is scorching, everything seems a little too bright for the eyes while eating too.. haha! Glad your boys enjoyed the play area 😀

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I thought it was bad to be there on a rainy day.. So if it wasn’t raining, it would have been worse with the sun shining into the glass house? But then again, if it was not raining, I would have brought my food out to tables next to the playground and ate there.

      The playground was fun, but they only got to play a while because of the rain.. sad lah.

      • the hOOter says:

        Don’t worry, go again another time when the weather is a little better 🙂 Yeah, i find it kind of bright, especially if the person sits and face towards the glass windows. Extra glare, if you know what i mean… haha… maybe al fresco might be better.. cheerios! It’s Fri-yay! 😀

        p/s: WP doesn’t allow me to reply from the dashboard again. Sad.

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