Open Play @ JWT Kids Gym (Eastgate)
November 16, 2011

*UPDATE* Please note that JWT Kids Gym Eastgate will no longer be operating at Eastgate w.e.f. 15 March 2012.  The UE Square outlet is still operating.

In general, I’m not a fan of gym classes… I’ve only been to one gym trial at JWT (UE Square), and felt that I was the one getting a workout, not the baby.  I very much prefer open play.. So when my friend invited me to JWT for open play one day, I happily travelled all the way from Yishun to Eastgate (near my friend’s place) for the session.

The session is just one hour.. I’m not sure how much they usually charge, I went with my friend who is a member and I paid $12 (I’m not a member).. That’s cheaper than Gymboree‘s open play!

First impression is that the equipment does not look as cute and colourful as Gymboree’s.. It reminds me of my Primary School’s PE lessons.

The first thing I noticed was the Jumperoo near the entrance.  Based on my experience at Happy Kids Club, MF is not a fan of the Jumperoo, so I skipped it.  There was a plastic pool which, I remember during the JWT trial lesson, is supposed to be a ball pool (MF’s favourite), but they didn’t put the balls in.. Bummer.

The next nearest toy to the entrance is a slide and swing toy.  MF managed to climb up the steps on his own and go down the slide.. But as usual, instead of playing it properly, he preferred climbing up via the slide.

After he got bored of the slide, he headed for his next favourite toy.. The ball.  Yes, spend lots of money to bring him to the gym with tons of cool equipment and all he’s interested in is a rubber ball.

After tearing him away from the ball, I tried to get him to play with some of the toy cars available, but he wasn’t too interested in them.

Moving on, it’s time for some tunneling, which MF completes with ease.

It seems MF needs some challenge, so I moved him to the physiotherapy-lookalike equipment that I was introduced to during the gym trial.  MF surprised me by waltzing through the course! Quite a feat for a 10-month old! So proud of him.. Moments like this makes me emo…

After this, I tried letting MF play with the other slide.  This slide is not as steep nor slippery, so MF kept getting stuck while trying to slide down.  So what did he do? He decided to crawl up the slide instead, while enjoying the view outside.

When the one-hour for free play was up, the staff kept all the equipment to make space for the upcoming lesson.  However, they didn’t stop us from going up to the trampoline for a few jumps.

On the whole, I think JWT gym is not quite challenging enough for MF.. But it’s great if your baby is just learning to crawl or walk.. They have quite a number of equipment there and it’s not crowded.. Great place to bring your baby to when the school holidays are here and most of the indoor playgrounds get crowded!

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