Celebrating Paddle Pop x Kidzania Singapore Partnership
October 31, 2016

If you recall our first visit to Kidzania Singapore on the opening day, the boys participated in five different role-plays, one of which was an ice-cream maker with industry partner, Paddle Pop.

I don’t know about you, but I ate quite a bit of Paddle Pop ice-cream when I was a kid. That Paddle Pop jingle still rings in my head every time I see a Paddle Pop ice-cream. You know, the “Paddle Pop, Mmm! Paddle Pop, Wow! Super Duper Yummy! (or something like that)” jingle?  I thought Paddle Pop was a thing of my generation.  Until I saw Paddle Pop at Kidzania Singapore.

I wasn’t too sure who was more excited at the sight of the classic Paddle Pop ice-cream being churned out at the ice-cream factory within Kidzania Singapore – me or the kids.  It was like a blast from the past for me.

So how did Paddle Pop become an industry partner at Kidzania Singapore?

Paddle Pop partnered with KidZania due to the similarity of both brands’ vision, which is to let kids be kids, by encouraging them to grow independently in a fun and safe environment. Hence, they worked with KidZania to establish a Paddle Pop ice cream factory within KidZania Singapore, where children can learn through play.

But by introducing an ice-cream factory in Kidzania Singapore, are we then encouraging unhealthy eating habits? I’m sure some parents have that concern.

Paddle Pop believes that within a balanced diet and active lifestyle, there is a place for occasional treats.  They recognise that one of the seven healthy eating habits is to watch sugar intake, and that occasional treats should be formulated responsibly.

As an iconic brand that has been a part of many kids’ (including mine) childhood, Paddle Pop ice creams have been formulated to meet nutritional criteria – accredited by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) as a healthier choice.  Paddle Pop has been reformulated and abide by healthy nutritional limits, where all Paddle Pop ice cream variants contain no more than 110 kcal per portion.

Paddle Pop also seeks to let kids take ownership of their choices, by continuously offering them with fun activities, and the ice-cream factory at Kidzania Singapore is just one example.  Inside the Paddle Pop ice cream factory, there is a Fun Food Meter where children are taught that it is important to choose products accredited by HPB as Healthier Choice.  Paddle Pop recognises its position as an occasional treats, and recommends that it should only be consumed occasionally.

Giveaway Time!

To celebrate the partnership of Paddle Pop and Kidzania Singapore, Paddle Pop is giving away 3 pairs of tickets (worth up to S$116 per pair) to Kidzania Singapore! To stand a chance to win, simply lock in your entry using the Gleam app below:

Paddle Pop – Kidzania

Terms & Conditions:

  • Contest ends 6 November 2016 at 2359 hours.
  • Each winner will receive two vouchers valid till 17 April 2017.
  • Each voucher can be used to redeem one ticket into Kidzania Singapore, subject to operating hours and capacity limitation and does not include island admission to Sentosa.
  • Winners are strongly advised to call Kidzania Singapore before visiting to check if there are any special events or school bookings on the day you wish to visit, as admission will be refused when the facility has reached its maximum capacity.
  • Voucher is strictly non-refundable and not for resale and non-replaceable if lost or stolen.
  • Vouchers will be mailed to the winner.  Neither Bumble Bee Mum, Paddle Pop nor Kidzania Singapore will be responsible for lost mail.

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