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January 30, 2016

We parents have a gazillion random stuff to take care of.

Why the switch suddenly stopped working?

The air-con is leaking again?!

Nooo… Don’t tell me the toilet bowl is stuck!

Omg, I could do a massage RIGHT NOW.

And seriously, I could do with a hair-cut too.

Omg omg, I haven’t done spring cleaning!

The car could do with a new coat of polish before CNY.

Maybe should send those curtains for cleaning!

How I wish I could find someone to babysit the kids!!

Okay.. You get the idea.  We are highly-stressed and pressed-for-time people.  Hence, I introduce you to Page Advisor, an app I am totally hooked onto.

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Image Source: PageAdvisor

This app basically puts TONS of services at your fingertips! Whatever you can think of. Even the ones that you can’t think of.  (Like, I didn’t know there were mobile hairstylist before this??)

Page Advisor App Review + Promo Code 02

Services available on Page Advisor


And mind you, what you see above is just the categories.  Under each category, there are lists and sub-lists of services! E.g. Under “Aircon Service” there is “Aircon Installation”, “Aircon Repair” and “Aircon Servicing”, and then under “Aircon Servicing” there is “Normal Cleaning”, “Chemical Washing” and “Chemical Overhaul”.   You get the idea.

How to Use the App

The app is super easy to use.  Basically you go to “REQUEST QUOTES” just choose the service you need, then you enter the date and time you would like them to come.  You have an option to put 1 or 2 timings for the merchants to choose from.

Page Advisor App Review + Promo Code 05

Here’s a pretty neat thing about the app.  It remembers your address, so that you don’t need to key it in again and again.  And you do NOT have to put in your full address at this point.  You can just, say, put in your street name.

Next, you will set the bid period.  For urgent services like plumbing and repair, you may want to set it shorter (shortest was 3 hours).  And for non-urgent services, you may want to set it to the maximum of 3 days to increase your chances of getting more quotes.

Page Advisor App Review + Promo Code 06

Once you have reviewed and confirmed your request for quotes, just leave the app and wait for the bids to come in!

Page Advisor App Review + Promo Code 08

During the bidding period, you will be able to see the lowest and highest bids, but not the merchants. At the end of the bidding period, you will see the list of merchants who have bid, how much they charge and their REVIEWS.   Because you would want to make sure the merchant is good before you engage them right? That’s why reviews are SO important!

After you selected your merchant, you pay the amount that was quoted by the merchant through the app. So you would need to enter your credit card details into the app.

Once payment has been made, you will see the contact details of your selected merchant.  You can contact them or wait for them to contact you.  They will eventually have to contact you to get your address (which is why I recommended that you do not put your full address in the app).

On the day the merchant arrives, you will have to ask the merchant for a verification code.  Enter this code into the app and he / she will start work!  At the end of the day, the merchant will close the job and you can leave a review for them.

Easy Peasy right?? So far I have tried the app for aircon cleaning and house cleaning.  I set the bid period to 3 days and received 6 bid for each of them.  So it seems to me that they have quite a number of merchants on board!

Page Advisor App Review + Promo Code 04

So do give Page Advisor a try! The app is free to download anyway.   And even after you request for quotes, you are NOT obliged to engage any of the merchants! E.g. if you are not happy with the price or reviews of all the merchants who bid, you can just let the bid expire with no penalty!

Promo Code

Say until so saat… Must give discount right?? So here is it!

Key in the Promo Code “BUMBLE” to get 50% off the service (capped at $40 discount)!

  • 50% Discount is capped at $40.  So for example:
    – If the service costs $50, you pay $25
    – If the service costs $80, you pay $40
    – If the service costs $100, you pay $60
    Get it?
  • Each user can only use the promo code TWICE.
    Yes, I know you would love to get a part-time cleaner to come to your house every week at half price.  But sorry, can only use twice.  BUT you can ask your spouse to download the app too you know.
  • Promo code expires on 29 Feb 2016.
    So make sure you get everything fixed by then!

Page Advisor App Review + Promo Code 07

[warning]The above review is for the Page Advisor App, NOT for any of the merchants.  It is advisable to read the reviews of the merchants before engaging them.[/warning]

For further information, please visit PageAdvisor.com!

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