Parkway Parade Nursing Room Review
March 25, 2015

Parkway Parade Nursing Room Location

Nursing rooms can be found on every floor from Basement 1 to Level 3 of Parkway Parade.  The one on Level 2 is located inside Isetan Children’s Department.


Parkway Parade Nursing Room Description

The nursing rooms on basement 1, Level 1 and Level 3 are quite small and cramp.  The breastfeeding room is separated from the diaper-changing room with a door with lock. It has a single chair inside.  The door swings inwards, so you may have some difficulty closing the door behind after you push your stroller in.


There are 2 diaper-changing stations outside.  (The baby care room on Level 3 is much smaller, so one of the diaper-changing station is a fold-out one.)

Parkway Parade Nursing Room 2

The nursing room at Isetan on Level 2 is slightly more appealing.  There are two breastfeeding rooms there, separated from the diaper-changing area by doors with locks.

Parkway Parade Isetan Nursing Room 1

There is an arm chair in each breastfeeding room. It is cushioned, unlike the ones on other floors.  There is also a little table for putting your belongings, great for mums who need to express milk to leave your bottles and pump.

Parkway Parade Isetan Nursing Room 2

Outside, there are 3 diaper-changing stations.  Plastic bags are provided for disposing soiled diapers.

Parkway Parade Isetan Nursing Room 4

There are two benches for companions to sit down and wait.

Parkway Parade Isetan Nursing Room 6Parkway Parade Isetan Nursing Room 3



Amenities at Parkway Parade Nursing Room

Water dispenser: Hot and cold water dispenser available on each floor

Parkway Parade Nursing Room 3

Power Point: Available inside each breastfeeding room.

Extra: There is a high chair available at the nursing room inside Isetan (Level 2)


Information on Parkway Parade

Address: Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269

Tel: 6344 1242

Getting There:

Bus Services: 15, 31, 36, 43, 48, 76, 135, 196, 197, 966, *853
*(Sundays and Public Holidays)

Shuttle buses are available from Bedok MRT and Seng Kang MRT on weekends and public holidays.  Click here for more details.

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page

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