Peek-a-boo @ Kallang Leisure Park

[Update: Peek-A-Boo Playground is no longer in operation.]


Detailed Review of Peek-A-Boo @ Kallang Leisure Park

Peek-a-boo is the very first indoor playground I visited.. That was in June, when MF was barely 5 month old.  I’ve been wanting to write about it, but oh well.. I procrastinated.

At that time, MF couldn’t visit flip or crawl.. So he pretty much just lay on the playmat and slept while his playdates crawled around:

When he woke up, I tried to make him sit on the toy lion and elephant, which he reluctantly did.. But he didn’t do much, he just fiddled with the hair of the lion and the handle of the elephant.


Well.. That was all he did.. Really.  On a side note, my MF was so chubby back then! Awww… I wanna pinch his fats… I wonder what happened to him along the way…

Anyway, I didn’t think Peek-A-Boo was very suitable for babies at that time… We were there on a weekday at about 3pm and the place was packed with rowdy older kids! Peek-A-Boo does not have a dedicated area for toddlers.. The older kids, to get to the big maze, have to pass through this area you see in the pictures.. So kids, as you know, don’t walk properly.. they run and jump and are blind to any other kid or baby in their way… While we were there, we had kids jumping over the group of babies at least 3 times! What a nightmare…

The cafe area is also totally separated from the play area… So you can’t sit at the cafe while watching your kids play, unlike Fidgets and Go Go Bambini… (But as I described above, there is NO WAY I would leave MF alone to play here.. it’s just too dangerous.)

Oh yes, one thing about the cafe.. They have bumbo chairs here, so if your baby has ran out of things to do, you can let him/her practice sitting in the bumbo chair.  If you have older kids, you can ask the staff for colouring pencils and pictures for your kids to do colouring.. Or purchase a rubber art for them.

Well.. Now that MF is 9.5 month old and a lot more mobile, I decided to bring him to Peek-A-Boo to try it out again.  This time, I was smarter and brought him there at about 12 noon while the place was still deserted! MF had the whole place to himself…

The moment I put him down, he scrambled across the playmat and headed for the walkers / rocking horses.  He grabbed a walker and started to walk all over.


When he was done walking, I got him to pose for a few photos while the place was still quiet and empty.


I couldn’t help noticing that some of these toys remind me of the ones at Prive Bakery Cafe at Keppel Bay Marina.. I think they are the same.


While I was busy taking photos, MF had found his way to his favourite ball pit! He found himself some nice flattened balls (somehow he prefers flattened balls to round ones.. Maybe they are easier to hold?).. I noticed there were lots of flattened balls in the ball pit here. (Did I mention the kids here are extremely rowdy?)  The ball pit here is nice and big with lots of space for MF to waddle around..


While MF was well occupied in the ball pit, I went around to take some photos of the big kid’s play area.


When MF had spent enough time in the ball pit, I decided to let him climb up the big kids’ area to explore.. The steps are really short, making it a real chore for me to follow him up..

When he reached the second level, on one side was a tunnel with netting.. The netting had holes in them which looked big enough for MF’s hands to fall through, so I decided not to let him crawl that way.

The other way is an enclosed plastic tunnel.. But there were masking tapes all over it, I wasn’t sure it was going to withstand my weight.. It looked so fragile! So I passed.

There was no other way to proceed, so we could only go back down where we came from.. Since there was nowhere else to climb, MF decided to climb up the short steps to the trampoline..


Ah well.. There wasn’t much to do in the big kids’ area.. So I brought MF out to the play mat area to let him explore the toys there.  He went to the clubhouse and kept opening and closing the door and windows:


Then he decided that he just HAD to climb up SOMETHING… So he tried climbing up the slide (to no success) and eventually up the chairs at the side.


I was there for about an hour, which was more than enough time.. There weren’t many things suitable for babies / toddlers there.. Anyway, entrance if FREE for babies below 1, so you can bring your baby there.. But try to go on weekdays between 12noon – 2pm if you do not want older kids trampling over them.


Peek-A-Boo (Kallang Leisure Park) Admission Fee/ Play Rate

9 months – 24 months: $15
24 months and above: $18
* Free entry for babies up till 9 months
Unlimited Playtime
(1 accompanying adult free for each paying child.  Additional adult $3)


 Information on Peek-A-Boo (Kallang Leisure Park)

Address: Leisure Park Kallang, 5 Stadium Walk, #02-12/13, Singapore 397693

Tel: +65 6440 8355

Opening Hours: 10:00AM to 8.30PM (Sun to Fri) / 10am to 9.30pm (Sat)

Websites: official website | facebook page


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