Personalized Diaper Cakes
May 13, 2013

Last Sunday, while everyone was celebrating Mother’s Day, our family celebrated my SIL’s daughter’s first birthday! The theme was Minnie Mouse.

My BIL and his family arrived with a giant Minnie Mouse hamper.


Not only was the hamper personalized and matched the theme, it was filled with tons of really useful stuff.  And the most amazing thing was, it was made by my BIL’s wife herself! I was in AWE!

I was kinda inspired to try making one myself, so I spent some time checking out the details and trying to figure out how it was done…


The cake itself was actually wrapped with a dress! Genius right? No wasting of environmentally unfriendly frilly wrappers, use a dress for it! (I would love to know what she uses for a boy’s hamper.)


And look at the flowers, they are made with SOCKS. SOCKS!! Really useful socks! (Forgive me, I’m an indoor playground junkie so I kinda get all excited when I see socks.) I dragged my hubby over to look at them.. I was like, “Look at the flowers, they are made of socks!” Hubby was impressed.

Hubby and I were trying to figure out how she made the shape of the cake and we thought perhaps she used those round cake boxes.  But later on, I saw a little card that said ‘Diaper Cake’ and I think I got it figured out.. It’s filled with diapers!

Then I found out that my BIL’s wife actually sells these diaper cakes. *gasp* Okay, spent so much time trying to figure out how it was made, only to realize that I can actually just buy one from the person in front of me.

Visit her website / facebook page if you are interested in getting one of these personalized diaper cakes!

(Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote this.. I’m just too impressed by it myself that I feel I wanna share it! No, I don’t earn commission.)

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