Personalized Rainbow Loom bracelets for themed parties
January 5, 2015

It took me a while to jump on the Rainbow Loom bandwagon because, well, I don’t have a daughter. It wasn’t until Rainbow Loom was kinda passe and I saw the kit on discount that I decided to buy it to try.

This weekend, I will be attending my friend’s Minion-themed party, so I googled for Minion stuff that I could make with my loom kit. I saw a super cute Minion bracelet on YouTube and decided to try making it.

After making 1 minion, I realized I didn’t have enough minion-coloured bands to make any more minions, that’s when I came up with the idea to improvise and make a personalized bracelet by adding a name after the minion. This was the end product, with the birthday girl’s name following the minion.


I didn’t follow the YouTube tutorial to the end and just used C-hooks to join up the 2 ends.. And Tada! The bracelet was completed!


Not bad for my first picture bracelet with Rainbow Loom! (Okay, actually this was the second. For the first one, I broke some bands along the way and totally failed at closing it up, so I trashed it.) A round of applause from the minions…


I thought these bracelets would make a great party favour for a themed party. If you want to make them for kids, you may have to use a short-form or initials if the kid has a long name, otherwise the bracelet would probably become too long for kids.

There are TONS of designs on braceletbook.com, so you should be able to find a design to suit whatever your party theme is. Once you learn the technique from the above YouTube video, you should be able to apply the technique to make any of the designs from braceletbook.com. For the name, I just visualized it in my mind to make it (thanks to the years of friendship band making when I was a teenager), but if you prefer to print out the design before looming and refer to it while looming, you can do so on the add/edit pattern page on the website.

It took me 2 hours to complete the above bracelet as a beginner. To gauge how many bands you need, when you print out the design from braceletbook.com, each pixel represents one band.

Have fun!

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