Playful Elves @ West Coast Plaza – Worst Playground visit to date!


Playful Elves moved out of West Coast Plaza on 3 May 2015.  According to their facebook page, they are looking for a new location.  Please check their website or facebook page for updates.


Detailed Review of Playful Elves @ West Coast Plaza

Playful Elves, located at West Coast Plaza, has been around for AGES.  But I never made it to this part of Singapore ever since MF was born.  Heck, I haven’t been there since my NUS days when West Coast Plaza was still called Ginza Plaza.

Last week I was finally in the area and decided to bring the kids to Playful Elves to play.

playful elves west coast plaza review 1

MF was pretty excited to see the entrance. “LOOK! That guy is pretending to be a helicopter!”  So we happily entered… But I was a bit hesitant to go any further because it cost a whopping $40 for both my kids! On a weekday.  The playground didn’t look that impressive to warrant $40.  But I told myself, keep an open mind! Maybe I will be surprised like I did at Kaboodle Kids.

But surprised I was, just not in a good way.

To convince myself to go in, I told myself, they have been in business for so many years, can’t be that bad right? They had some pretty high-quality costumes dangling at the entrance.  And there was even a train table! You can’t go wrong with train tables.

playful elves west coast plaza review 4

So I parted, somewhat unwillingly, with my $40 and the boys ran in happily.


Play Area at Playful Elves

Since the train table was just beside the entrance, naturally the boys gravitated there.  “Where are the trains?” MF asked.  GOOD QUESTION.  What did I say about you can’t go wrong with train tables? I take that back.  You CAN go wrong – when there are NO TRAINS!  I checked with the staff and he said somebody took off with the train and they never replaced it.


You think they are the only playground with this problem? THEY ARE NOT.  Royce Kids Gym definitely faced the same problem, which was why they had posters plastered all around their train tables to warn kids (and parents) NOT to steal the trains otherwise they would be reported to the police. Punish the thieves, not honest customers like us okay??

Oh yes, but there were the costumes.  MF wanted to wear the Spiderman costume.

playful elves west coast plaza review 3

But as I reached out for it, the staff came running over to stop me.  She said I had to pay to rent them: $15 for 30 minutes! Are you kidding me? I paid 20 freaking dollars per kid for admission already and I still had to top-up $15 for costumes? Forget about it! And if you want to charge for the costumes, at least PUT UP A SIGN! I found it extremely misleading for them to put the costumes at the entrance of the playground like a carrot but without a sign to say that there were additional charges to use them.  *FUMING MAD* unhappy

So the kids took off and headed for the driving area.  1/3 of the playing area was dedicated to the driving area, I expected it to be good.

playful elves west coast plaza review 5

Unfortunately, they only had Little Tikes vehicles which were all essentially the same. What era were we in already? Did they ever see the array of ride-on vehicles offered at other playgrounds? Obviously not, let me show them.

Variety of ride-on vehicles from Hokey Pokey (Seletar Mall).


ELECTRONIC ride-on Tayo bus from Fun N Laughter. That would certainly make the $20 admission fee more worth it.


If you are going to dedicate 1/3 of your floor area to ride-on vehicles, shouldn’t you make it count? Some variety please?

playful elves west coast plaza review 6

Okay, it was not all THAT bad.  MF discovered one of the vehicles was slightly different – He and didi could ride on it together!

playful elves west coast plaza review 20

Moving on… There was a bouncy castle next to the driving area.

playful elves west coast plaza review 12

Anyone told them that Snow White was so passe?

playful elves west coast plaza review 26

And the hole to access the slide was a bit… small.

playful elves west coast plaza review 21

If you think that I was being over-critical and hard to please, you should listen to what the 4 year old had to say.

Me: MF, do you want to play in the bouncy castle?
MF: No.  You go! It’s for you only!
Me: What do you mean?
MF: It’s for you, not for me, not for didi, not for papa. It’s for GIRLS.

Fine! Let’s move on to some manly stuff.  Air blasters should be manly enough for him? We headed to the air blasters zone.

playful elves west coast plaza review 7

They had this basket for the kids to fill up with foam balls.  The kids would then press a button and the whole basket of balls would rain down.  I remembered seeing it at Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh.

playful elves west coast plaza review 8

But gosh… The number of foam balls they had was so little! That pathetic few balls raining down was barely fun.

playful elves west coast plaza review 18

You want to have something like that, you gotta have more balls!!

The same thing but a gazillion times more fun at Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh.


Since that wasn’t very fun, the boys went around to play with the air blaster guns and whatever else they could find.  They were somewhat entertained for a while.

playful elves west coast plaza review 9playful elves west coast plaza review 25

And we reached the end of the playground (yes, already) where the active play area was.  Do we really have to go there?? Okay, I think we do.  Just so you are absolutely convinced that this was my worst indoor playground visit ever.

playful elves west coast plaza review 13

There were two activity boards which the boys totally ignored.

playful elves west coast plaza review 15

The ball zone, I could see the floor. Not good. Ball zones should be deep enough for the kids to swim in.

playful elves west coast plaza review 17

The slide. It’s so….. short.

playful elves west coast plaza review 16

And to make it worse, it was NOT slippery.  The 4 year-old indoor playground critique threw in the ultimatum, “Mummy, can we go to a playground where I can slide? This is not fun.”   Seriously, go ask Fun N Laughter what polish they used for their slides and start polishing yours!

playful elves west coast plaza review 19

MF was so super bored by then, he wandered around to see what he could do.  He found a box of *badly vandalised* Duplo bricks and played with them for a while.

playful elves west coast plaza review 22

Next, he saw a sad-looking doll house.  He proceeded to make it look not-so-sad.  I could tell he was REALLY bored.


And he even went on to pack up the train table for them.  Maybe I should ask the owner to deduct the staff’s salary and refund me my entrance fee since MF was doing their job for them?

playful elves west coast plaza review 24

After he helped tidy up the playground, MF was all ready to leave.  On our way out, MY suddenly spotted the toddler’s area.

playful elves west coast plaza review 2

I haven’t made my $40 worth yet.  So I happily let MY go in and play (despite the fact that there was a gate there – nobody stopped me anyway). MF was so unimpressed that he didn’t even want to go in.  There were just some building blocks inside.

playful elves west coast plaza review 30

Well, the interest didn’t sustain long.  MY got bored pretty quickly.

playful elves west coast plaza review 31


Cafe at Playful Elves

Okay, so the playground was not great.  Maybe the cafe was?

playful elves west coast plaza review 10

Errr.. Nope.  Did they get lost in time or something? The wall painting and furnishing just didn’t cut it.  As I mentioned before, pretty wallpapers can make everyone feel much happier.  But I guess if they weren’t even going to invest in a train for their train table, they were more unlikely to invest in wallpapers.

And the menu. I applaud their honesty for telling me the coffee was 3-in-1 so that I wouldn’t order it.   I didn’t expect professional baristas, but couldn’t they get a Nespresso machine like Hokey Pokey did, or Dolce Gusto like Tickle Tickle? Why even bother opening a cafe if you are going to serve 3-in-1 coffee???

playful elves west coast plaza review 27

And just to be absolutely annoying, they had these signs:

playful elves west coast plaza review 28

Just so I would pay $2 for 3-in-1 coffee? Forget it! You’re just pissing me off. And speaking of belongings, there wasn’t even a locker or bag rack in sight!

Admission Fee for Playful Elves:

(Do you really need to know?)

Information if you still want to visit:

Address: #02/02-04, West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road, S(127371)

Tel: +65 61000353

Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

Websites: official website | facebook page

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