Playground @ Causeway Point (Woodlands)

Thank you reader Dion for letting me know about the new playground at Causeway Point!

I paid a visit to Causeway Point today and brought MF to the new playground at Level 2. It is located near the escalator on the side near the carpark.

The playground is outdoors, but it is totally sheltered. The structure resembles a train with different kinds of steps to climb up and down, and 2 slides.

At 16 month old, MF had no problem climbing up the structure on his own via two of the steps:

The playground is quite high for a small toddler like MF, so when he climbed up, I had to follow him in case he fell off one of the openings. However, all the slightly older kids were playing safely on their own. Can’t wait for MF to grow a bit older so that i don’t need to keep climbing around and can sit back and relax like the rest of the parents there!

Here is MF having fun queueing up to go up the stairs and sliding down the slides all by himself. He did this on and on and never got sick of it!

I am so glad that there is yet another great hangout up here in the North! Honestly, the playground at Northpoint has become a bit unchallenging for super active MF, he had so much more fun at this playground! This is another great addition by Fraser Centrepoint Malls.. Now I am wondering if they are going to add a wet play area, like they have done for Northpoint and Changi City Point.. Let’s wait and see! 🙂


Update (4 Feb 2015):  There is another playground at Causeway Point, also located on Level 2 but on the side where Swensen’s restaurant is.  It was not connected to the above playground and catered more for babies and toddlers.


Address: Causeway Point Level 2, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099

Tel: (65) 6894 2237

Opening Hours for play area: 10.30am to 10.30pm
*Note that both play areas will be closed in the event of rain or haze.

Websites: Causeway Point Official Homepage


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