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Please note that Polliwogs at East Coast Park has closed down.

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Detailed Review of Polliwogs @ East Coast Park

Hubby and I brought MF to check out Polliwogs today! It is located at East Coast Park, near Burger King.

Having been to Peek-a-boo and Fidgets, I thought entry would be free for 7-month old MF.  However, when we arrived, we realized it was not.  It cost $8 for 2 hours of playtime. (Update: The entry fee has increased to $10 for children below 2.)  We thought of changing plan and going to Peek-a-boo instead, but after some consideration, decided to go in anyway since we were there already.

And silly me.. I packed my socks and MF’s socks.. But forgot to pack hubby’s socks! So we had to waste another $2/$3 (I can’t remember) on socks so that hubby could go into the play area with MF.

The place was PACKED on a Sunday.  We headed to the toddler section, which had a little castle with slide, a soft structure for climbing and MF’s favourite colourful ball area.

Do not be fooled by the picture, MF could not play the slide yet. We just put him there to pose for a picture.

Overall, I didn’t think it was worth the entry fee bringing MF here when he hasn’t really learnt to crawl / climb.  Furthermore, I couldn’t come here on my own because of the inaccessibility of the place, gotta come with hubby when the car is available, but that would mean weekends when the place is so crowded.

Also note that entry fee for each child includes entry for 2 adults.. Which means if you are there with grandparents or helper, there will be additional charge of $5 per adult.  With charges like these, I would rather go to Fidgets anytime.  Over there, entry is for unlimited playtime and they don’t care how many adults tag along.

There is a nursing room within Polliwogs, next to the toilet.  It is a nursing room cum diaper changing room, and given the crowd, it is perpetually occupied. And right after I got in and latched MF on for his feed, someone outside was knocking, wanting to use the room.


Second Visit to Polliwogs @ East Coast Park (11 Oct 2011)

My first visit to Polliwogs was somewhat of a disappointment.  Because I went on a weekend where the place was packed with rowdy kids, and MF could hardly crawl / climb at that time.

This time, I decided to visit Polliwogs on a Wednesday. We arrived at about 2.30pm. The place was so much quieter and the toddler area didn’t have older kids running around or jumping into the ball pit. Here are pics of the toddlers area:

And the active play area.. See how quiet it is?



I allowed MF to roam freely about the area.. The first thing he did was the climb up the stairs to the ball pit!

He also climbed up and through the treehouse effortlessly.

It seems the toddlers area was not challenging enough for 9-month old MF anymore.. I decided to let him try out playing at the play pad area.  There were a number of older kids jumping around the play pad, so I decided to skip it and let MF crawl up the tree house instead.  No problem at all!


Next I decided to let him challenge the active play area.  There weren’t many kids around, so he was able to explore the big kids area safely (with me following closely behind of course).

As you can see, MF had so much more fun this time, as he is more mobile. The last time I brought him here when he was 7-month old, there wasn’t enough to keep him occupied for 2 hours. This time, he played for almost 3 hours non-stop!

Polliwogs conducts activities for children above 3 years old at 4pm on Tue, Wed and Thurs.  MF is too young to participate, but I watched the activities and they look really interesting! The staff put on a skit, followed by art and craft activity where the kids coloured a mask.

On weekdays, entrance is for unlimited play time, so you can just bring your bub here to chill out the whole day.  There is a cafe and nursing room within Polliwogs itself.


Toddler’s Area @ Polliwogs East Coast Park just got more fun! (14 Nov 2011)

Polliwogs recently installed some new toys in the toddlers area!

The first thing I noticed was this funky table:

It is kinda cool.. There is air coming out which suspends the ball in mid-air.  Curious little MF kept trying to get the balls.. But he wasn’t quite tall enough.  Still, it kept him entertained for quite a while.  What I didn’t quite like about this table was the noise that it made… Paranoid me wonder if its continuous loud machine noise would damage the babies’ ears… and MF kept trying to stick his finger into the small little ventilation holes at the bottom!

After MF had enough of the table (or rather I had enough of the noise), I moved him to play with the new activity boards.  MF LOVES activity boards… I noticed these activity boards are fast becoming the new ‘IN’ thing at playgrounds.. Almost all the playgrounds I come across nowadays have them! And they are really great fun for little babies who can’t quite crawl around the big equipment yet.

With these new additions, Polliwogs is now a lot more baby-friendly than it used to be! MF is having so much more fun at Polliwogs now, compared to his previous visits.  However, this fun comes with a price.  It now costs $10 for babies below 2 years old (previously it was $8) for unlimited play on weekday / 2 hours on weekends.  But they have a promotion now, with HSBC credit card, you can get 10% off entrance fees.. So I paid $9 for MF with my HSBC card.  (You still get a free cup of tea / coffee with each entry.)

And for the record, MF (at 10 months 1 week old) is capable of playing with the slide at Polliwogs all on his own! He can climb up and slide down, all by himself.. COOL!


Outdoor Play Area @ Polliwogs East Coast Park (14 April 2012)

I’ve always known Polliwogs has an outdoor play area for older kids.  When MF was younger, I never bothered going out to take a look… Now that MF is very steady at walking, running and climbing, I decided to check it out.

Well.. There’s nothing much really.  There’s just two bouncy castle slides, one bigger and one smaller.  My iPhone camera can’t quite take in the bigger one, so here’s a photo of the smaller one:

I didn’t quite dare to let MF go up and down on his own yet.. Thankfully I was there with hubby and hubby went up and down with him.  MF really enjoyed the slides.. But it was pretty warm outside, so we didn’t play long.  Well.. There is a reason I choose to go INDOOR playgrounds all the time in spite of the hefty entrance fees… :p


Polliwogs East Coast Park Admission Fee / Play Rate

Under 2 year old $10
2 – 12 years old $18
For unlimited playtime

Under 2 year old $10
2 – 12 years old $20
For 2 hours playtime (+$5 for each additional 1/2 hour or part thereof)


Information on Polliwogs East Coast Park

Address: 1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-02, Singapore 449878

Tel: 6442 2805

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10am – 7pm
Weekends and PH 10am – 8pm

Websites: Official Website | Facebook Page


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