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Detailed Review of Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk

Ever since expecting my second child, I haven’t been bringing MF to indoor playgrounds much.  With the nausea and fatigue, it is a chore to carry MF and take the bus / MRT, and the thought of climbing around playgrounds simply didn’t entice me.

So one day, when hubby knocked off earlier than usual, I seized the opportunity to bring MF to the new Polliwogs at Robertson Walk.  No need to take bus and MRT and hubby could climb around with MF!  Anyway this visit was more than a month ago not long after that opened (somehow never got down to blogging about it till now).

Okay.. So Polliwogs was pretty easy to find.  It is on the second floor of Robertson Walk, not exactly near any MRT stations unfortunately.  I kinda forgot how much the play rate was (pregnancy does bad things to one’s memory), according to their facebook page, it is $13 for unlimited play on weekday for MF who is under 2 years old ($20 if your kid is above 2). That’s slightly more expensive than the Polliwogs at East Coast Park, but I guess it’s to be expected since this one is near town.  Upon arrival, they gave MF a wristband to wear, which made him super upset! MF kept tugging at the wristband and cried and cried. As we were there on a weekday, there weren’t many people around so we asked the staff if we could do away with the wristband and she said okay.. Thank goodness!

The first thing that caught our attention was the Amazonia-style wavy slide! The slide here is slightly shorter than the one at Amazonia, but MF loved it anyway. See how happy he was after sliding down on his own!

At the bottom of the slide is the ball pit, another of MF’s favourite.  So it was climb up, slide down and roll around the ball pit again and again.

After MF had enough rounds of sliding, he decided to go check out the toddler’s play area, which again reminds me of Amazonia‘s toddler’s play area, at least the slide part.

Guess what MF headed for right away? The slide AGAIN.  At 18 months old, he could easily climb up and slide down on his own.

There are several activity boards around the toddler’s play area and I think they are pretty cool, better than the ones at East Coast Park.

Tried to teach MF some Mathematics.. But a little too ambitious, considering MF couldn’t even count yet.

At the toddler’s area, there is a smaller slide, which you will definitely recognize if you have been following my blog – it’s MF’s favourite Singkids mini slide, complete with the water and lights!

And also a revolving tower almost identical to the one I saw recently at Kiddy Fun.

That’s it for the toddler’s area.. One of the better ones if you ask me, justifying the $13 (I think) admission for toddlers under 2.  Amazonia charges $20 for similar things, maybe just a few more toys there. But MF, being MF, doesn’t stay within the toddler’s area.  So it’s back to the big kids’ area after a while.

My main complaint about the big kids’ area is that you absolutely CANNOT see your kids once they are inside.  It is totally enclosed, so if your kid is not old enough to play on his / her own, you will need to climb around with them inside. Since I am pregnant, my hubby was the one who climbed around with MF, and the only time I saw them was when they were passing through a tunnel that ran parallel to the corridor.

In the meantime, I walked around the first storey of the play area to take a look.  They have the ball-shooting thing, just like at East Coast Park.

There is a rock-climbing wall.. But no use for 18 month old MF.

There is this mini flying-fox thing where kids can hold on to the handles and slide down.. Again not much use to MF.

And look what I found? The oh-so-familiar Singkids water trampoline that I kept seeing at every playground that opened recently (Singkids at United Square, Kiddy Fun, KidzGo playhouse *closed*)!

After being to so many indoor playgrounds, everything seems to be pretty much the same everywhere and hardly anything excites me anymore.  But considering how small some of the newer playgrounds are and how much more they charge in comparison, I would say this Polliwogs is definitely worth a visit, especially on a quiet weekday.  I can imagine the play area is going to be really packed on weekends and considering how enclosed it is, I wouldn’t feel very safe about letting my kids play inside as I won’t even be able to know if something happens to them. Maybe they can consider installing cameras and TV screens for monitoring in the cafe area, like what Fidgets does.

Speaking of cafe, the cafe here is huge! And if you manage to get the seats close to the play area, there are some activity boards there to keep the kids entertained while you are able to keep a close eye on them and sip a coffee at the same time.

There is a very nice and comfortable nursing room within Polliwogs itself.

When I was there, the toilets were not ready.  The nearest toilet was a long walk away and you had to get a key from the staff to access it, which was a real hassle especially for a preggie who needs to go to the toilet often.  Well, that was more than a month ago, hopefully the toilets are ready now.


Polliwogs Robertson Walk Admission Fee / Play Rate

Under 2 year old $13
2 – 12 years old $20
For unlimited playtime

Under 2 year old $13
2 – 12 years old $25
For 2 hours playtime (+$5 for each additional 1/2 hour or part thereof)


Information on Polliwogs Robertson Walk

Address: 11 Unity Street, #02-18/19 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

Tel: 6737 0982

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10am – 7pm
Weekends and PH 10am – 8pm

Websites: Official Website | Facebook Page


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  • Jorenia says:

    It sounded like you guys had loads of fun at the indoor playground. I would like to bring my two children, one at 15 mths and the other almost 3yr old to an indoor playground during this Sep holidays. They’ve never been in an indoor playground. Which indoor playground would you recommend that I bring them to?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hi, so sorry I think I missed out your comment as I was overseas during the Sept holidays. After I have been to so many indoor playgrounds, they all seem pretty similar to me after a while and I always tell my friends: Go to the one that is most convenient for you. For me, since I stay in the North and travel by public transport, I usually end up at eXplorer Kids @ Ang Mo Kio hub. When I have a car, I like to go to Polliwogs at East Coast Park or Fidgets at Turf City as there is free parking there and their play rate is very reasonable (with 2 kids, the cost of bringing the kids to indoor playgrounds can really add up! For e.g. Amazonia will cost you $50 for the 2 kids). If I happen to be in town, I like to drop by Hokey Pokey at Suntec.

  • Archana says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum! They’ve closed down this playground 🙁 Was reading your review and getting psyched to go there as I have access to a car today, but turns out they just closed 2 days back 🙁

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