Polliwogs Suntec City Review

Alright, I am finally getting down to writing my 7-months late review for Polliwogs at Suntec City.  Time flies doesn’t it? I can’t believe I procrastinated for 7 months! Sorry Polliwogs, please don’t strike me off your invitation list! Let’s get to business.


Getting to Polliwogs Suntec City

Polliwogs is located at Tower 4 Level 2. Tower 4 is the end where Carrefour used to be.  Polliwogs is quite hidden, so look out for McDonald’s instead – it is right next to McDonald’s.  You can also look out for Toys R Us, it’s along the same row of shops.

If you are arriving by MRT, I would advise you to alight at Promenade, not Esplanade.

polliwogs suntec city entrance


Polliwogs Suntec City Active Play Area

Polliwogs playgrounds have always been focused on active play, and the active play area here did not disappoint! It is recommended for kids aged 3 and above.

polliwogs suntec city active play 1polliwogs suntec city active play 2

The active play area here was much larger than the one at Vivocity branch.  The wonderful thing about the play area here was that you could see inside the play area without have to crawl in.  (Unlike their Robertson Walk branch where your kid cannot be seen from outside once he / she enters the active play area.)

polliwogs suntec city active play 3

polliwogs suntec city active play 6

What I DO NOT like about the active play area here was how short the passages were.

polliwogs suntec city active play 4

What it means is, if you want to follow your kids through the play area, you need to get on your knees to crawl with them. Like this.

polliwogs suntec city active play 5

Thank goodness for me, both my kids were seasoned indoor playground visitors and had no problem getting around on their own.  The steps and obstacles were easily managed, even by my two year old.

polliwogs suntec city active play 7

Within the active play area, you would also find the air blasters zone.

Polliwogs Suntec City Air Blasters 3Polliwogs Suntec City Air Blasters 4

I love the air blasters zone here because all the guns and machines were installed low enough for even my two year old to reach effortlessly.

Polliwogs Suntec City Air Blasters 2Polliwogs Suntec City Air Blasters 1


Polliwogs Suntec City Toddler’s Play Area

Just like all other Polliwogs branches, there was a toddler’s play area here for children aged below 3.

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 1

Toddlers would have little problem moving around the play area on their own.

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 6

In my opinion, the toddler’s area here is the BEST among all the current Polliwogs branches.  MY went up and down the slides over and over and over and he never seemed to get bored of them!

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 5

There were also four activity boards in the toddler’s play area.

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 4

And there was another smaller standalone slide and water trampoline that used to be Singkids‘ signatures, but are now pretty common.

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 7polliwogs suntec city toddler area 8

What I was most impressed with was that they bothered to cover the wall around the entrance of the toddler play area with thick foam!

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 9


Bouncy Castle at Polliwogs Suntec City

I LOVE the bouncy castle here.  It was big and sturdy, unlike the small flimsy ones found at other playgrounds.

polliwogs suntec city bouncy castle 1

However, when I was there on a crowded Sunday, it was extremely rowdy and definitely too dangerous for young toddlers.

polliwogs suntec city bouncy castle 2

When I was there during their opening ceremony, they kept the bouncy castle and used the area as a show area.  Hence, when there are events / shows going on, the bouncy castle may not be available.

polliwogs suntec city mascots

Meeting the Polliwogs mascots at the space where the bouncy castle usually occupied.


Polliwogs Suntec City Cafe

There were two main seating areas for parents at Polliwogs Suntec City, one of which (the ‘red zone’) was in the midst of the active play area.

polliwogs suntec city cafe 7

The ‘yellow zone’.


polliwogs suntec city cafe 8

The ‘red zone’.


When I was there on a weekday, the red zone was closed off.

polliwogs suntec city cafe 3

There was also a row of seats beside the toddler’s play area.

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 2

You can sit back and enjoy a coffee while watching over your toddler!

polliwogs suntec city toddler area 3

Unlike other branches where there was a proper cafe counter to place your food and drinks orders, there was only an inconspicuous stand here.  When I was there for the first time on a crowded Sunday, I couldn’t even find a staff to take my order.  But when I was there on a quiet weekday, there was a staff perpetually stationed at the stand.

polliwogs suntec city cafe 6

I felt the food and drinks here were a tad pricey and pretty so-so.  And they charged service charge and GST.  Boo…

polliwogs suntec city cafe 5

As a rough gauge, coffee here costs $3.50 – $6++.

Pizza ($8.80 ++)

Pizza ($8.80 ++)

Latte ($5.50++) and Chicken Wings (4 pieces of mid-wings for $5.80++)

Latte ($5.50++) and Chicken Wings (4 pieces of mid-wings for $5.80++)


With each paid entry, you are entitled to one free cup of tea / coffee from the cafe.  Don’t forget to take your receipt to the counter to redeem your free drink!


Other Facilities at Polliwogs Suntec City

There was a nursing cum diaper-changing room located within the playground.

polliwogs suntec city nursing room

There were two party rooms with a removable partition between them.

>>> See this post for party package details <<<

polliwogs suntec city party room 1polliwogs suntec city party room 3

There was also a laser fury game which was not included in the admission fee.  It costs $3 for one game or $5 for two games.

polliwogs suntec city laser furypolliwogs suntec city laser fury pricing


Activities at Polliwogs Suntec City

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4pm, there are activities such as art and craft / story-telling for children carried out at Polliwogs Suntec City.  When I was there on a Thursday, they had a story-telling session followed by a game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.  There are no additional fees for the activities.

Story-telling session at Polliwogs Suntec City

Story-telling session at Polliwogs Suntec City

Game of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'.

Game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’.


On Saturdays at 6pm, there will be interactive live shows.

Polliwogs Suntec City Live Show


Admission Fee (Play Rate) for Polliwogs Suntec City

Weekdays (Unlimited play time):
Children Below 2: $13
Children Above 2: $20

Weekends (2 hours play time):
Children Below 2: $13
Children Above 2: $25
Additional play time: $5 per half hour

Value Play Pass (for 7 visits, unlimited play time):
Children Below 2: $65
Children Above 2: $125

I find the value play passes here pretty value for money.  It can be used at all branches, so you need not be restricted to going to the same playground over and over again to finish using up the pass.

They do not have free entry for babies below 1 and hence I do not recommend this playground for babies.  Please see this post for my recommendations for babies under 1.

I would recommend this playground for children who are able to play at the large active play area independently, since that is the main draw of this playground.

In Summary…

The good:

  • Large active play area
  • Large seating area for parents that is spread-out throughout the playground
  • Huge and sturdy bouncy castle

The bad:

  • Cafe subject to GST and service charge
  • Active play area too short for parents to follow through

Overall this is my favourite among the 4 Polliwogs branch.  It is directly accessible by MRT and spacious.  The toddler’s play area here is also better than the ones at their other branches.  However, it faces tough competition from Cool De Sac.  I really cannot decide if Cool De Sac or Polliwogs is better! They have their own strengths: Polliwogs for active play, Cool De Sac for the sheer variety of activities for kids.


Information on Polliwogs Suntec City:

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-724 to 727, Tower 4, Suntec City Mall,
Singapore 038983

Getting There: Promenade MRT (CC4 / DT15)

Map: Click here for Google map location

Tel: 6887 4860

Opening Hours:
Sunday  – Thursday: 10am – 8.30apm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page


My Singapore Indoor Playgrounds Page

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[disclaim]Disclosure: I visited Polliwogs Suntec City 3 times over the past 7 months.  First time in August 2014 where I paid for the visit.  Second time in October 2014 on a free invitation to attend their grand opening. Third time in March 2015 using free play passes I won from Cheekiemonkie’s giveaway. [/disclaim]



  • Roz says:

    Use voucher no need to pay GST! (If i recall correctly!) also, did you mention the free coffee/tea that accompanying adults are entitled to (1 per child?)

    • Oh.. I didn’t have any vouchers. I paid in cash for my cafe order and had to pay GST and service charge. 🙁

      I forgot about the free coffee / tea! My last 2 visits were free (and hence didn’t come with the ffree coffee / tea) so I forgot all about the coffee / tea.. lol.

  • David Solomon says:

    So angry and disgusted……
    Wanted to take the kids out for some fun last weekend. We decided to take them to Polliwogs. Our choice would have been Robertson Quay only to find out that it was closed, so we then went to Suntec City. On Wednesday morning my son was running a high fever 38+ then coughing and vomiting. Thursday my daughter was running fever of 39.6 which did not break for five days. My baby who is not 7 months also got it from the others but it was muted a bit. My wife and I are also down but still functional. My son and daughter and are still coughing and vomiting mucus but on the mend. But they are so winded from the symptoms that they had. We took them to the polyclinic and was told just try and keep the fever at bay. My daughter would not respond to Panadaol and we had to resort to Ibuprophen in order to keep her fever down.

    Polliwogs was supposed to be a wholesome place that is clean and well looked after and safe from these issues. Not everything can be caught, obviously someone dropped the ball.

    this place should be boycotted by parents everywhere!!!!! We need a place that can be trusted to keep our children as safe as possible and not risk them in order to fill the place will kids….

    Boycott Boycott!!!!!!

    Never Again !!!!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I am sorry to hear about your experience. But as a parent who brings my children to indoor playgrounds often, I can only say that this problem is NOT unique to Polliwogs. I am not saying this in defense of Polliwogs, but as a parent to alert all parents that there ARE risks when bringing children to an air-conditioned place full of kids. I have written about this on my guide to new parents on indoor playgrounds:

      I have had my fair share of my kids falling sick after an indoor playground visit and I know how upsetting it is to see my kids sick. But I have never blamed the playgrounds. It is akin to blaming schools when my kids fall sick after catching a virus from a fellow classmate. However, I am approving this comment because I think it highlights to parents the risks involved in bringing children to indoor playgrounds.

      I wish your family a speedy recovery.

  • Katherine says:

    Last Saturday after lunch we register with my 2 grandchildren at the polliwogs Suntec one of the Chinese girl with spectacles took my cash payment $50 the amount later I was told from my Daughter that it is $46 for 2 kids n my Daughter took the receipt from her thinking that she will give the $4 later n but she didn’t! That is very bad cos we thought that the cashier should be honest ! And the thing is that we were so busy handling the kids we forgot to ask her ! I think they have been doing it for a Long time knowing very well that parents will be busy handling kids will forget their change! Shouldn’t hire such people !

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