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Detailed Review of Polliwogs Vivocity

Last Saturday, I was invited by Polliwogs to visit their newest branch at Vivocity.  Usually I avoid going to indoor playgrounds on weekends, but it’s a free invitation and MF has been so deprived of playgrounds since he started school, so I happily accepted the invitation.

Polliwogs is located on 3rd floor of Vivocity near Marche, just next the link to Habourfront Centre. If you are coming from within the mall, take the escalator nearest to Toys R Us up.

Firs, we checked out the toddler’s play area (for kids below 3).


The kids’ favourite ride here was the automated merry-go-round.


Next favourite, the *small* ball pit.


There was a teacup thingy, a bit like those teacup rides you find at amusement parks but this was not automated and needed to be spun around manually. Well, not exactly their cup of tea.. They didn’t last more than a minute inside.


Some other play stuff available:


And not forgetting the activity boards, there were 5 of them.  I loved the activity boards here, and so did MY!


I had high expectations for their toddler’s play area after their awesome toddler’s play at Robertson Walk. This one was much smaller and disappointingly, there was no slide! It kept MY occupied for a while.. But soon, he was venturing out to the big kids area.


The playscape was not very big and only two-storeys high, but it included a ball-shooting zone.


There was also a rock-climbing wall, which MF tried to climb up (but failed).


There were two tunnels, a soft one that would shake around while you climb through and a hard solid one.


The kids had a lot of fun running and crawling through the hard tunnel.


There was one section with a great view of the cafe below and MY was happy to just camp there.


I love the colours of the soft tunnel, it was so pretty! But MY was kinda freaked out in there because it kept rocking around.


The hot favourite was the big slide that ended in a ball pit.  Slides that lead to the ball pit will always be a hit. Better still when there are steps just next to it that leads directly to the top of the slide again! MF went up and down continuously for half the day.. It was just insanely fun.


Like the other two Polliwogs, there was a cafe for parents to sit and relax while the kids play. (Though I found the sitting area here quite limited on a weekend.)


There was also a mother’s room for nursing and diaper-changing, and a kids hand-washing area.  However, there were no toilets within the premises.


As part of the invitation, we were also invited to one of their two party rooms for some food and drinks.

party room

The kids enjoyed eating at the tiny and colourful chairs and tables and the food, especially the nuggets and pizza, was delicious! Much better than what I expected from a playground cafe (I was just expecting those supermarket frozen food heated up, but these taste much better.)

party room2

Overall, the playground was smaller than I expected, maybe I was too used to their expansive premises at the other branches. But there was enough to keep the kids occupied for 2 hours (and MF had to be dragged out when it was time to leave).



Polliwogs Vivocity Admission Fee / Play Rate


$20 for unlimited play on weekdays is reasonable, but I’m not sure if there is enough for babies or young toddlers to justify paying $13 for them (there is only so long you can keep a baby or toddler on an automated merry-go-round). For younger toddlers, I would prefer the Polliwogs at Robertson Walk, but of course, where accessibility is concerned (I commute by MRT), Vivocity wins hands down.  This new playground is definitely going to give Singkids downstairs a run for its money!


Information on Polliwogs Vivocity

Address: #03-12 VivoCity  (1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585)

Getting There: Harbourfront MRT (NE1 / CC29)

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Tel: 6376 8097

Opening hours: Weekdays 10am – 7pm | Weekends 10am – 8pm

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page


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