Redmart Online Grocery Shopping Review + Discount Code
March 31, 2017

Bringing kids grocery shopping is a pain.  To get to that ONE item you need, you pass by at least 10 items that you don’t need but you kids try to make you buy them.  Right right?

What about that queue for the cashier? To make the kids wait in line is already an achievement.  They just have to place the candies next to the cashier to make things difficult for me.

Not to mention the things they need tend to be freaking heavy.  Diapers. Milk powder.  A whole carton of wet wipes.

So thank goodness for online grocery shopping.  I can skip these tedious supermarket trips and have groceries delivered right to my doorstep!  Call me lazy, but when you have had to drag two kids out with you to the supermarket and bring them back together with a few kilograms of groceries, you would LOVE online grocery shopping as much as I do.   Especially if you cook regularly, the thought of not having to keep going down to the supermarket every time something runs out in your food cupboard – BLISS!

When it comes to online grocery shopping in Singapore, I’m sure most of you would already know of Redmart.   So I’m going to cut the chase and tell you that if you are already using Redmart – Great! I have a 5% discount code for you!  Yes, a discount code for repeat customers:

Full terms & conditions are at the end of the post.  Just hang in there while I explain Redmart to those who have been.. well.. very hardworking when it comes to grocery shopping.

Review of Redmart

Redmart is essentially an online supermarket.   So instead of going down personally to a supermarket, you just click a few buttons, add what you need to your basket, check out and wait for your items to be delivered to your home.  Easy peasy.

Let’s talk about searching for what you want…

The search bar makes it extremely easy to find what you want.  Don’t get me started on how I need to go up and down different floors and countless alleys at a brick & mortar supermarket – with kids – to search for an item.  At Redmart, I type in what I need and voila, they are there!

Let’s talk about vegetables…

The downside of buying vegetables online is that I can’t see and choose them like at a conventional supermarket.   You know, you can’t go around lifting the carrots like a dumbbell to see which one is the heaviest? Stuff like that.  But so far, I have been happy with the vegetables that have been sent to me from Redmart.

And speaking of vegetables, Redmart has this nifty feature that allows you to choose the vegetables by method of cooking, which I think is absolutely brilliant! If I wanted to cook my usual ABC soup, I would just choose soups and my carrot, potato and corn would all be on the same page and I just click click click to add them to my cart.

Let’s talk about meat…

One of the things I love about Redmart is that they have marinated meat.  FINE, I’m lazy! Okay? But sometimes it doesn’t make sense to buy 10 different spices that I’m never going to finish using to marinate a few pieces of meat.  Hence I love buying marinated meat.  Just take them out of the packaging and onto the pan.  Easy enough.

I also noticed that they have meat from Mmmm! in their catalog.  Long long time ago, when I had no kids and a lot more free time on hand, I used to go all the way to Novena just to get meat from Mmmm!.  I’m so glad I can continue getting Mmmm! meat from Redmart without having to make the trip down myself!

Let’s talk about eggs…

You have NO idea how many eggs I have broken over the past 6 years while attempting to bring them home from the supermarket while making sure my kids don’t run onto a road or roll down an escalator or something.  I mean, between kids and eggs, obviously I would save my kids first.  So hence, broken eggs.

Redmart delivery brought the eggs to me, safe and sound. All 15 of them.  The delivery guy even specifically told me to check the eggs on the spot when he arrived at my door.  So I’m guessing even if he had accidentally broke some, he had a secret stash somewhere to replace.  So you’re guaranteed non-broken eggs arriving at your home.

Let’s talk about heavy items…

Do I really need to explain this? Rice.. Detergent.. Milk…  I’m glad I don’t have to carry them home from the supermarket myself.

Let’s talk about frozen food…

Don’t worry, the ice-cream will arrive at your home frozen.  More frozen than if you have had to walk 10 minutes in the hot sun from the supermarket to your home.  Did you notice how crazy hot the sun is these days? You need that ice-cream – but it’s unlikely to survive the trip home.  So yay to delivery.

Let’s talk about ‘Buy 2 for the price of …’ discount.

You know how when you go to the supermarket, they always have discount when you buy 2? For example one carton of milk $3, two cartons $5, that sort of discount? And you can mix and match flavours? Redmart also has similar discounts, and their system is intelligent enough to recognise the items that you can mix and match to get these discounts. It will even tell you which items can be combined if you are unsure. So if you want to know which items can be combined, after you add the first item in to your basket, just click on the blue icon ‘Buy 2 save X%’ and it will display all the products that can be matched!

Let’s say you didn’t realise two items could be combined for a discount.  Redmart will not short-change you, and when you drop two items that can be combined to get discount into your basket, it will automatically add in any discount applicable.

Let’s talk about RedMart Label…

Most supermarkets have their own housebrand items.  So does Redmart.

Under the Redmart label, I love their ready-to-eat meals, where I have a choice to either heat up to consume instantly, or pop into the freezer to keep for later.  My kids mad love their lasagna.  It was kind of soggy for my taste, but turned out great for the kids who liked their food mushy and soft.

And I love it that they allow customers to review the items.  So you can read reviews about the products before you purchase them!  Like how I decided to get this Focaccia with caramelised onions when someone reviewed that it was super yummy.

Let’s talk about Korean & Japanese cooking…

I love cooking Korean and Japanese food at home, because unlike Chinese food where I can get cheaply from coffee shops, Korean and Japanese food are usually more expensive to buy.  And for these, I sometimes need to go down to specialized stores to get the ingredients I need.  Before Redmart, I have had to take MRT out to the nearest Shine Korea (which was not so near) just to restock my Korean sauces. But Redmart saves me the trouble of making the trip by having items like soy bean paste, hot pepper paste, kimchi, kelp, anchovies etc. delivered to me.

Of course you can argue that Shine Korea also does delivery.  But they have a minimum purchase of $100 for free delivery and I have to spend $100 on just Korean stuff.  Whereas at Redmart, I can combine with all my other purchases, including household items, to make up my purchase to qualify for free delivery.  It’s the same reason I get Mmmm! meat from Redmart when Mmmm! also provides delivery.

Let’s talk about discounts…

Okay, so if you are ready to give RedMart a go, don’t forget to check their current promotions before you make your first purchase.  Usually for first purchase, they have pretty good discounts.  Like the Tenoff promotion where you can get 10% off your first purchase!

However if you are a repeat customer, no worries.  Right now, Flipit and RedMart are having a promotion, where repeat customers can get 5% off your purchase with the discount code FLIPMOMS.

Terms & Conditions:

Start shopping on Redmart today!

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