Singapore Nursing Rooms Review: Renovated nursing room at Northpoint
October 13, 2011

The nursing rooms at the new wing of Northpoint are currently undergoing renovation. The one on the second floor is done, so with much anticipation, I went in eagerly to see what are the changes they made… But I was somewhat disappointed.

I’m not sure if the changes are for the better… Let’s talk about what is good first.

They put up new pictures of cute animals on the walls.  Well, the old pictures of animals were not bad.. MF kinda like the photos of the rabbits, now it’s been replaced with cartoon pictures:


You can also see that the water dispenser is now inside a dedicated rack, unlike previously where it just sat on the counter.  But all these are not important to me.

What I did NOT like about the new nursing room, is that they replaced the door and lock with curtains! I have always liked using the nursing rooms at the new wing because I could lock the door and it was more secure.. Now I can’t! 🙁

And to make things worse, the contractor did not install the curtain properly, and the hook on the wall is misaligned with the ring on the curtain.. So you can’t even hook up the curtain!

The silver lining in the cloud is that there installed a tiny table in the corner of the nursing room to put your belongings.. That’s good, coz I used to have to put the bag on the sofa and sit on the edge of the sofa.

Unfortunately, the renovation did not include installing power points in the nursing cubicles.. Bummer.  On the whole I’m not sure I like this new nursing room better than the old one

As for the nursing rooms in the old wings, in the past, they had two nursing cubicles separated by curtains… But recently, they went to remove the curtains for one of the cubicle, which means there’s only one nursing cubicle left in each nursing room.  Oh well.. It does look a bit tidier… And I can’t help wondering if they took the curtain and went to install it in these new nursing rooms at the new wing.. LOL.

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