Fidgets World @ The Grandstand (Update 11 April 2015)

Getting to Fidgets World

To get to Fidgets, you need to take the lift INSIDE Pasarbella up to level 3.  There are  ramps to get you up from the open space carparks if you are pushing a stroller.  The best place to park when headed to Fidgets is at the open carpark in front of Giant.  From there, use the ramp where Hansang restaurant is.  If you are parked on the other end of Turf City (where all the sports facilities are), there is a ramp near Slappy Cakes. DO NOT park on the upper storey carpark above the second hand car dealers, I don’t think there is a way to get your stroller down from there.

Arriving at Fidgets World


Fidgets World underwent major renovations in 2013, redoing their entrance twice.  It is absolutely beautiful now, with the lit shoe racks and clouds on the ceiling.


They now provide FREE lockers, located above the shoe racks. You just need to get the keys for a locker from the sign-in counter.  The locker is not big though, just meant for your valuables and not your gigantic diaper bags.

IMG_4243 copy

Once you enter, there is clear signage to point you to the various areas.


Active Play Area at Fidgets World

At the active play area for older kids, the playscape is essentially the same thing they have been using for the past donkey years.  The active play area is considered pretty large by today’s standards.  (Most of the newer playgrounds opened in recent years are much smaller, something I blame on rising rental cost.)  What I like most about the active play area here was that it had many slides!


In 2013, they replaced the flooring and placed comfy sofas for parents to rest along the active play area.


fidgets world the grandstand review 17fidgets world the grandstand review 18

fidgets world the grandstand review 16

What I did not like about the active play area here was that it was virtually impossible for adults to follow their children through the play area here.  Which makes this place more suitable for older children who are capable of moving around on their own.  Look how narrow the passages get!

fidgets world the grandstand review 19

Think you’re nimble and slim enough to make it through these obstacles?


So for younger kids, unless they are brave and agile enough to move around the active play area on their own, the active play area here may not be suitable for them.  My kids are indoor playground junkies though… So at 2 years old, they had no problems playing on their own and they love it here!


Toddler’s Play Area

If you have been to the old Fidgets, you will recognize all the play equipment – they simply moved them over and the area is now more condensed. In the past, it used to be 3 clearly separate zones for babies under 2, toddlers under 4 and an area for cars. Now they are placed next to each other to form one big toddler zone.  Below are photos I took in 2013 before they completed their renovations:


Play area for toddlers:


Play Area for Babies:


Cars and Toys area:


In 2013, they renovated the area by putting up new wallpapers and it made the whole area look much more cheerful!


There are cloud-shaped glass panels now so that you can see through to the active play area for older kids from the toddler’s area (and the other way round).


And these are the most recent photos I have, taken in 2015.  It seems they have been changing their ride-on vehicles.

fidgets world the grandstand review 14fidgets world the grandstand review 15fidgets world the grandstand review 13

There is an abundance of comfortable seats next to the toddler’s play area so parents can relax at the side while keeping an eye on their toddlers.


Dressing-up and Cat-walk Area

Near the toddler’s play area, there is an area which I think is for dressing up with a runway next to it.

IMG_4269 copy

These photos were taken in 2013.


2 years later, I returned and it still looked as empty as ever.  This is kind of creepy if you ask me.  It looks like some abandoned circus or carnival.

fidgets world the grandstand review 8

Dressing up area, taken in 2015.


The kids like the starry runway though.


MF and his playdate loved running along the runway (I think they took the name ‘runway’ too literally). At least they stopped to pose once in a while for the camera.. I think they have the potential to be Singapore’s Next Top Models!


And here is MY doing his catwalk in 2015:

fidgets world the grandstand review 21


Fidgets World Cafe

IMG_4256 copy

The cafe has been revamped with a lot more variety in their menu (but pricier than it used to be).  They have managed to pack a lot of tables and chairs into the seating area to cater to the weekend and holiday crowd.

fidgets world the grandstand review 7fidgets world the grandstand review 22

They even have little tables for kids, located next to the toddler’s play area!

fidgets world the grandstand review 20

There are TV monitors for you to see what is going on in the active play area.  There are also magazines for parents to help themselves to.


This photo was taken in 2013, they have since shifted the TV monitors and magazine rack to another location, but still within the cafe seating area.


And I loved it that they had an ice water station where we could just help ourselves to cups and water!

fidgets world the grandstand review 10


Other Facilities at Fidgets World

Next to the sign-in counter, there was a nice cozy corner.  It has remained empty since 2013 till now.  Really not sure what it’s for.

fidgets world the grandstand review 1

They have some music rooms, but there was nothing going on when I was there.  I peeked into one of the rooms and it looked like it had become a store room.

fidgets world the grandstand review 3

There are two nursing rooms at Fidgets World.  One is the old one located at the end of the long corridor, past all the party rooms and music rooms.  That is also where the toilets are located.

The old nursing room at Fidgets. Realize I only have this crappy photo of it taken in 2011.

The old nursing room at Fidgets. Realize I only have this crappy photo of it taken in 2011.  This room is soley for nursing.  The diaper-changing facility is inside the toilets.


The other one is located beside the dressing up area, closer to the toddler’s play area.  There is even a power point in this nursing room if you need to use your pump.

fidgets world the grandstand review 9

The newer nursing room with diaper-changing table near the toddler’s play area side.


Other Activities available at Fidgets World

There is an Art & Craft section at Fidgets World.  It costs $12 (on top of entry fee) to enrol your child in an Art & Craft session.  It is essentially the same thing as Fidgets Island, which I have blogged about on this post.

fidgets world the grandstand review 5fidgets world the grandstand review 6

They also have Baking Classes ($31 on top of entry fee) and Bake Decoration Classes ($16 on top of entry fee).  They do not have classes everyday (if I’m not mistaken, only on Fri, Sat and Sun) and there are limited time slots, so do call up to check for available slots if you intend to enrol your child in either of these classes.

fidgets world the grandstand review 11

Little Baker’s Cottage where baking classes are held.

fidgets world the grandstand review 12

Example of Baking Classes held at Fidgets World


In Summary….

The Good:

  • Large active play area
  • Nice toddler’s play area
  • FREE entry for babies under 1 and adults
  • Nursing rooms and toilets within the playground
  • Unlimited playtime everyday

The Bad:

  • No re-entry.  (Which means if you want to spend the whole day there, you will have to dine at their cafe.)
  • Difficult for adults to follow their kids through the active play area.
  • The flooring can be quite slippery around the cafe area, even with non-slip socks on.


Fidgets World The Grandstand Admission Fee (Play Rate)

Singapore Indoor Playgrounds Admission Fees and Locations fidgets world price list

Activity Charges

+ Usual entrance fees apply

  • Art & Craft: Starting from + $12 per child
  • Baking Class: + $31 per child
  • Bake Decoration Class: + $16 per child

– Art & Craft: Approximately 40 minutes.
– Baking Class: Approximately 1.5 hours.
– Bake Decoration Class: Approximately 40 minutes

Fidgets Membership

For just $5, you can join the Fidgets membership.  It gives you 10% discount on F&B purchase at the cafe and one FREE visit during your child’s birthday month!

fidgets world the grandstand review 4

Fidgets Prepaid Pass

I LOVE this Fidgets prepaid pass.  For $99, you get 6 visits.  And it is not limited to Fidgets World! You can use it at Fidgets City (at Marina Bay Sands) or Fidgets Island  Paragon!

fidgets world the grandstand review 2

Please note that this prepaid pass CANNOT be used at Fidgets Island JEM.  Fidgets Island JEM has its own prepaid pass (which is CHEAPER).  Hop over to this post to find out more.


Information on Fidgets World

Address: The Grandstand a.k.a. Turf City (200 Turf Club Road), #03-10, Singapore 287994

Tel: +65 64667611

Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm daily

Websites: official website | facebook page


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