Sandbank @ East Coast Park – Plunge into a breakfast buffet while the kids plunge in the pool!

Breakfast Buffet at Sandbank (East Coast Park) - Bumble Bee Mum

How would you like to start your weekend with a combination of breakfast buffet and pool next to the beach?


We had visited The Bank Bar + Bistro before where the kids had a lot of fun plus free kids meal there while the adults enjoyed a pretty good brunch.  So when their sister (or brother? Whatever) restaurant, Sandbank, invited us to try out their newly launched breakfast buffet, we gladly accepted the invitation.

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Sandbank was located at Parkland Green, the section of East Coast Park that was directly opposite Parkway Parade.  What makes Sandbank so popular among families was their in-house plunge pool.

Plunge Pool at Sandbank

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The plunge pool at Sandbank was 15m long and divided into two sections: A deeper section for older children and a shallower section for younger ones.  I tried looking around the pool for indication of the depth of the pools but couldn’t find any.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 16

Before visiting Sandbank, I heard that the pool at Sandbank was quite dirty.  In my mind, I was imagining a layer of grim and floating leaves around the pool after hearing that.  But when I saw the pool for myself, I thought it was okay.  It wasn’t sparkling clean and on close scrutiny, it did look a bit yellowish.  I purposely took a photo with the white drainage cover at the bottom so that you can see what I mean:

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 18

To me, it was acceptable.  I wouldn’t call it dirty.  It’s pretty much like.. the swimming complex in my neighbourhood? I know people who think swimming complexes are disgusting but I think they are fine. So to each his own.  I leave you with the above photo to decide for yourselves whether you think it is okay or not.

Eventually I didn’t let my kids play in the pool that day because they were having runny nose.  And well, it was a media invitation so I can’t just change the date you know.  But I think my boys would have enjoyed playing there.  They kept whining and whining about why they couldn’t go and play.  Grrr… Sick whiny kids drive me crazy.  But oh, I digressed.

One good thing about the plunge pool was that it was sheltered.   We were there on a mighty hot day and if you see the photo below, you can see that the pool was well hidden from the sun.  Brownie points for that.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 22

There were shower facilities in the public toilets beside the restaurant.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 20

There was also a ‘nursery room’, or so it says on the door.  But when I looked inside, it was pretty bare.  Just a space for sitting (that looked cold and hard) and a sink.

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If you are looking for diaper-changing facility, you can find one inside the restaurant’s toilet.  You can see it on Amazingly Still’s blog.

Breakfast Buffet


The buffet looked very attractively priced at only $19 nett for adults.   In my mind I was thinking, if the quality of the food was anything like their sister restaurant, The Bank Bar + Bistro, it would be excellent value for money!

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The buffet was self-service type and patrons were given a wristband.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 02

It was an international buffet.  The spread was not a lot, but reasonable for $19 nett.

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It was an international buffet, so besides the usual sausage and bacon, there was roti prata.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 14

And Nasi lemak – which I loved for the crispy chicken wing! Though they had a bit of trouble keeping up with the demand.  It was like, the moment they took the chicken wings out, they were gone in a jiffy.  But that is also a good thing because you can be assured that the chicken wing you eventually get (if you bother hanging around waiting for it) will be piping hot!

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 13

There was one live-cooking station serving eggs.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 08

If there was one thing that made the $19 worth, it was the egg station.  It was the first egg station I came across that served egg benedict like this:

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 09

Shiok man.  I love egg benedict and haven’t been to a buffet that serves free flow egg benedict before.

Moving on to the drinks.  There was orange juice, apple juice, milk, coffee and tea.  The coffee served in dispensers was a huge disappointment.  I was hoping to get like a cup of proper latte? Or am I asking too much for $19?

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 07

And for dessert, MY made this pancake with cake topping for us.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 12

We had a pretty hearty breakfast.   It was nothing like The Line breakfast buffet we had the week before that’s for sure.  But I think we ate a fair $19 worth of food.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 10

In Summary…

The food at Sandbank did not wow me like it did at their sister restaurant, The Bank Bar + Bistro.  I think $19 nett was not super cheap, but reasonable.  These days when I go for brunch, I would be happy if I could get an egg benedict plus a cup of coffee for $19.  Here, on top of egg benedict, I also got nasi lemak, roti prata, croissant, pancakes, bacon and sausages.  However, I would have been a lot happier if they threw in a cup of latte.  I would rather have 1 cup of latte than free flow of blah coffee.  How much coffee can we drink in one morning anyway?

The main draw of Sandbank was their plunge pool.  But I felt my kids were a bit too young to go and play on their own.  When I visit eateries with play areas, I want to be able to sit back and eat while the kids play.  But here, I would need to be at the pool with the kids so I couldn’t be eating while they are playing, which kind of defeated the whole purpose.  Unless I get one of the *few* tables right next to the pool.  Which I didn’t.

Sandbank East Coast Park Blog Review 19

Note also that in their poster, it is mentioned that the buffet breakfast is for a 2-hours seating.  Personally I think 2 hours was enough time for us to eat and let the kids play after that if we wanted to.  But if I was there for a chit-chat get-together with my girlfriends, I would find 2 hours a bit too short.

I would recommend Sandbank to families with older children who know how to swim on their own.  Otherwise, make sure you call in advance to reserve a table that is right next to the plunge pool.  Or consider their sister restaurant, The Bank Bar + Bistro, where the playroom is more suitable for babies and toddlers.

Outside of the buffet breakfast hours, Sandbank serves an ala-carte menu which you can find here.

Information on Sandbank:

Address: 920 East Coast Parkway, #01-28/32 Parkland Green, Singapore 449875

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Tel No: +65 6247  7988

Opening Hours:

  • Tue / Wed / Thu – 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Fri / Eve of PH – 4 p.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Sat / PH – 8:30 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Sun – 8:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Plunge pool will be available till 7 p.m. from Tuesday – Sunday.

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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Breakfast Buffet at Sandbank (East Coast Park) - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • Agreed that the eggs were good but the price not all that cheap. My hubby was saying he rather quality and not quantity. Anyway nice meeting you! 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Oh yes, in my mind I was thinking if I wanted quality, I would go to The Bank Bar + Bistro. Because at The Bank, kids meal is free whereas here kids need to pay. So in the end the price difference is not that huge and the food quality is much better at The Bank. But I think the age of kids also matter. I guess if my children can eat a lot and swim on their own, I would rather come here. The Bank is more suitable with younger tots.

  • Vixalexa says:

    Thanks for this share, recommende places.

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