Shopping Experience with Pupsik Studio / NinjaVan
January 16, 2015

I have heard of Pupsik Studio for many years, but have always associated them with the Pupsik pouch sling (which I didn’t need as I have been faithfully using my Manduca carrier) so I never really paid attention to this online shop.


It wasn’t until recently when I wanted to buy some Kinetic Sand that I realized they sold a whole lot more than just carriers!  They were the first result to appear when I googled for Kinetic Sand (makes me wonder how much they are paying Google):

Screenshot 2015-01-10 13.13.00

So I clicked on it, found the kinetic sand I wanted and added it to my cart.  I registered an account and proceeded straight to checkout.  My order was above $60 and I qualified for free delivery.

Screenshot 2015-01-10 13.14.04

I had an option to top up $3 to specify a time slot, but I did not bother and just chose the free shipping and clicked ‘SAVE’.  This opened up the Payment option.

Screenshot 2015-01-10 13.14.30

They accepted bank transfers (for customers in Singapore) or credit card.  Bank transfers are a real hassle IMO, so I just chose credit card and clicked ‘Place Order’.  I was redirected to the Paypal page where I entered my credit card details and I was done! Easy peasy!

I placed my order at 12.30pm on Wednesday, and the very next day I received an email to tell me that my order has left their warehouse.  They included clear instructions on how to track my order online.  (Do not assume this is a given, I once bought from another online shop selling baby stuff and they gave me a tracking number without a website to track it from, and when I emailed them to request for the website to track my item, they gave me with a phone number.. DUH?)

Screenshot 2015-01-10 13.37.24

So my purchase was now out of Pupsik Studio’s hand and I was very happy with the whole experience – how easy the checkout was and how fast they delivered my item.

Now, hopping over to NinjaVan.  I followed the link on Pupsik Studio’s email to their website and Lo and Behold – the website was so CUTE! (I’m a sucker for all things cute.)

Screenshot 2015-01-10 13.20.56

And the ‘Track Your Order’ button was so huge I couldn’t miss it.  Clicking it brought up a big window for me to key in my tracking number.  Tracking my order couldn’t get any simpler!

Screenshot 2015-01-10 13.21.04

The next morning, I received an SMS notifying me that a Ninja was going to be delivering my item that day!

ninjavan SMS


Hence, I made sure I was at home to wait for the parcel.  Don’t you just hate it when you have to hang around at home for a few days not knowing exactly when a courier was going to arrive? I loved this SMS service by NinjaVan.  Although it didn’t include the time of arrival (afterall I didn’t pay extra to specify a delivery time, so no complaints), at least I knew they were coming that day and I wouldn’t waste my time bumming at home for nothing.

At 2+pm, the friendly Ninja arrived with my parcel and asked me to sign it off on his smartphone.  IMMEDIATELY, I received an email notification that my parcel has been delivered!

Screenshot 2015-01-10 13.23.59

I really enjoyed the shopping experience with Pupsik Studio and the delivery service by NinjaVan. Everything was just so smooth and speedy.  Highly recommeded!


Pupsik Studio: Official Website | Facebook Page

NinjaVan: Official Website


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