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Being parents of young children, I have always appreciated kids-friendly restaurants that have a play area to keep the young ones entertained while I enjoy my meal in peace.  However, most of these restaurants do not come cheap.  After all, the loss of potential income from the space used for play needed to be made up in some way, right?

Imagine how many tables could be fit into this area? We can’t be expecting restaurant owners to provide such luxury while keeping their food prices rock-bottom low, can we?


Thank goodness, some food courts have also recognized the need for child-friendly facilities.  These places offer affordable meals, while allowing kids a proper place to run around without getting in the way of cleaners and other customers balancing piping hot food on trays!

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Below are food courts I know of that have play areas.  If you know of any more, feel free to leave a comment to let me (and everyone else) know!

Food Fare (Clementi Mall)

Clementi Mall’s food court, Food Fare, has a small play area for kids, made up of just 2 rocking horses and a see-saw.

There was also a television screening cartoons:


If your kids get bored of the play area and TV, there are also books and colouring pencils available.


There were plenty of seating available near the play area where you can dine while keeping an eye on your kids who are in the play area.  The seating area near the play area had low tables and chairs catered for children.


There was also a nursing room round the corner, and a children’s sink nearby for your kids to wash their hands.


Besides this playground at Food Fare, there was another small playground at Clementi Mall.  Click here to read more about Clementi Mall’s playground!

Food Fare (Kallang Wave)

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 01 (2)

Located at Singapore Sports Hub, the food court at Kallang Wave had a sports-themed play cum dining area.  The play area was called ‘Kids’ Arena’.

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 02

At the centre stage was an area with soft foam cushions.  Not particularly interesting to me, but the kids didn’t seem to care.  As long as it was a safe place for the kids to roam around, I was happy with it.

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 03

There was a podium inside, where MY took his spot amid a cheering crowd!

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 04

There were tables right next to the play area, so you can dine while watching over your young toddlers.

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 07

For older children, perhaps table soccer would be more their cup of tea? The table soccer was not free though.  It was coin operated and required 1 x NEW 50 cents coin to operate.

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 05

As for dining, check out this soccer-field low table.   Complete with a TV screening cartoons.

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 06

I just love the whole sports-themed feel of this food court.  Affordable food + nice decor + play area.  Definitely more than what I asked for in a food court!

Kallang Wave Food Fare Food Court Play Area 08

Kopitiam (KKH)

Anyone who has a kid in Singapore would know where KKH is (and chances are you have been to the Children’s Emergency pretty often). Instead of waiting in the room filled with sick kids, I usually wait at the Kopitiam food court (where there is a TV showing the queue number) until it’s my turn.

Once you enter the food court, you will be greeted with a nice play area:




There were some activity boards inside and you can sit around the area to eat while watching your kids play inside.

But truth is, I have never used the play area here. I don’t know how many sick kids have been playing here and the last thing I want is for already sick kid (why else would I be here?) to get sicker.

Food Republic (313 Somerset)

Singapore food court with playgorund - 313 Somerset

Marche is my usual to-go at 313 Somerset for a nice, peaceful meal while out with the kids.  However, if I am looking for a cheaper dining option, Food Republic at Level 5 would be a great alternative.   The playground here was actually outside the food court.

To get to the playground, you need to go out of the heavy glass door.  You can see your kids playing if you manage to get a seat at one of the tables along the glass window, but if you prefer to be within dashing-distance of the kids, I guess you would have to 打包 (pack) my food and go outside with them?

Otherwise, just stick to Marche at 313 Somerset.

Cookhouse Food Court (JEM)

Food Republic at JEM is located right beside JEM Playground.

Just like the playground at 313 Somerset, the playground at JEM was also located right next to the food court.  Located on Level 5, you can have your meal while your kids play at the playground outside this food court.  Chope a table next to the glass window to keep an eye on your kids.

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Kids-friendly food courts in Singapore

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  • Ai Sakura says:

    Some of the playgrounds here are pretty good, and not just a “by the way I have some space let’s put some random toys there” haha… thank you for the location tips!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hahaha… I love your ‘by the way I have some space let’s put some random toys there’.. Totally know what you mean! The one at Sports Hub was clearly deliberately carved out for play and took up quite a bit of space. I loved that one most.

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