Singapore Heritage Playgrounds & Other Old-School Stuff for Kids
March 29, 2013

After spending 2 years checking out the most awesome and newest indoor playgrounds and kids attractions in Singapore, I am suddenly thinking of regressing.  Why? Because of a Channel 8 variety show I watched recently that showed the dragon playground in Toa Payoh.  And I recall how much fun I had with my siblings at these dragon playgrounds.. And also the pelican playground just below our block.

If you do not know what is a dragon or pelican playground, you either did not grow up in Singapore or you are way too young. Go google.

SIngapore Pelican Playground 1982

So I decided.. Instead of finding the newest hippest place to go, how about trying to find the oldest and most retro places to go instead? Wouldn’t that be cool??  So in this post, I am going to collate all the retro stuff that I have done with my kids.  Check them out!

Old-school kiddy rides

At the beginning of this year, most of MF’s peers born in 2010 went off to school (N1). If you know me, I’m a super chill mama, so MF did not join his peers in school.  Instead, on the first day of school, we went around the neighbourhood in Yishun for breakfast at a coffee shop. I was heavily pregnant with MY at that time (this was 1 week before I delivered MY) and I didn’t want to keep carrying MF, so I decided to just let him sit on kiddy rides when he got tired of walking.

If you go to coffee shops in mature estates such as Yishun, you are bound to be able to find some really old-school kiddy rides that cost only 50 cents (I think I have seen 20 cent ones even) to ride.


Hey, it’s not too bad right? It has Mickey okay, for just 50 cents! Why pay $1 or $2 for the new Barney or Thomas ones that are commonly found in shopping centres nowadays?

Here’s a photo of myself riding in something similar.  Just to prove how retro this thing is!

Singapore 01

Tamiya Car Track

(Update: This tamiya car track in Yishun is no longer around. 🙁 )

I remember there was a period of time when I was a kid, Tamiya cars were a fad. My brother was totally into Tamiya cars and spent hundreds of dollars painting, spraying and modifying his cars (which was a lot of money for a kid). He would then bring the cars out to race on tracks around Singapore.

I’m not sure how many of such car racing tracks still remain in Singapore, but there is one in Yishun pretty near where we stay. Instead of getting a Tamiya car, which I have no interest in and MF is too young for, we got a cheapskate remote control car from Giant supermarket and brought MF there to play.


There is actually a bridge at the side that you can stand on and control your remote controlled cars while watching the cars race around the track, but we didn’t want to risk MF falling off the bridge in excitement, that’s why he’s just sitting at the side.

This car track is located a short walk from Yishun MRT. It is inside the Yishun Town Garden, directly next to the bus interchange and along the main road (Yishun Ave 2) where the MRT tracks are.

Longkang Fishing

Old-school longkang fishing is making a comeback in Singapore! Check out our kids’ experiences at the following longkang fishing sites:

Dragon Playground at Pipit Road

Brought the kid to check out the baby dragon playground at Pipit Road! Read more about it on this post.

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