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As a child, one of my fondest memories was visiting McDonalds with playgrounds.  I remembered many McDonalds used to have playgrounds, and complete with Happy Meals, it was THE happy place for kids.  It still is by the way.  But unfortunately due to space constraints and rising costs, many McDonalds in Singapore have done away with having playgrounds.

So which McDonalds in Singapore still has a playground?

McDonalds @ Stadium Boulevard


The playground at the McDonalds at Kallang (Stadium Boulevard is indoors and fully-air-conditioned! It was a tad small, probably not for older kids but more for young toddlers.


This McDonalds is a very popular birthday party venue, so if you would like to hold your child’s birthday party here, do book months in advance!

Information on McDonalds @ Stadium Boulevard:

Address: 200 Stadium Blvd, Singapore 397726
> See location on google maps

Tel: 6440 6010

Opening Hours: 24 hours

McDonalds @ Ridout Tea Garden

I was once invited to a birthday party at McDonald’s @ Ridout Tea Garden.  If you do not know where Ridout Tea Garden is, it is located along Queensway (driving South, it is after the Holland flyover).  There was a small play area at this McDonald’s, very similar to the one at Ang Mo Kio.


There should be a walkway linking the party area to the playground, but it was under renovation when I was there (apparently due to a fallen tree that damaged the walkway).  After the walkway is repaired, this would be a pretty good venue to hold a McDonald’s birthday party!


Information on McDonald’s @ Ridout Tea Garden

Address:  Queensway, Ridout Tea Garden #01-580, Singapore 149066
> See location on google maps

Tel: 64756102

Opening Hours: 24 hours

McDonalds @ Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

mcdonalds ang mo kio town garden west playground 1

Living in the Northern part of Singapore, this is the McDonalds where I would go to if I wanted some McBreakfast while the kids play.

mcdonalds ang mo kio town garden west playground 2

While the play area here was very similar to the one at Ridout Tea Garden, the one here was located right beside the al fresco dining area.  There was a no need to walk out of the dining area to access the playground.  There were tables right next to the play area.

On top of that, daddies would be happy to know that beside it, there was a TV screening soccer!

mcdonalds ang mo kio town garden west playground 3

The playground here and at Ridout Tea Garden were not as great for young toddlers are the one at Kallang.


Although the playground wasn’t very tall, the height of the steps inside were quite high. When MF was 22 months old, we visited for the first time and he had a little difficulty playing on his own.  I had to crawl inside to boost him up the step.  However, while inside, I discovered that there was a tiny step and handle at the side that MF could use to help boost him up.


So after spending half an hour to train him how to climb up and down, it was time for lunch.  While I munched away on my Samurai Burger meal, MF explored the playground on his own.  He loved climbing up to the highest level where there were two steering wheels where he could ‘drive’ while glancing out at the surrounding greenery, and coming down the slide.


There was a diaper-changing table inside the handicap toilet, which came in very handy when MF decided to poo poo halfway through my meal.

After your meal, you can also explore the surrounding park, which has a big playground.. The kind with SAND. (You really don’t see much of these nowadays.)

Ang Mo Kio Town West Garden Playground

Information on McDonalds @ Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

Address: 10 Ang Mo Kio Street 12, Singapore 567740
> See location on google maps

Tel: 64513365

Opening Hours: 24 Hours

McDonalds @ Marine Cove

Marine Cove East Coast Park - Cafes  & Restaurants with Play Areas 03

McDonald’s at Marine Cove doesn’t exactly have a playground.  But they have a screen where McDonald’s characters would appear when the kids stand in front of it and imitate the actions of the kids.  It was enough to keep my boys occupied while I have a quick fast food meal.

And after you meal, you can hop over to the much bigger public playground at Marine Cove.

Marine Cove East Coast Park Free Outdoor Public Playground 02

Information on McDonald’s @ Marine Cove

Address: Marine Cove #01-05,1000 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449876

Map: Show location on Google Map

Tel: 62430471

Opening Hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday / Public Holiday: 6am to 12mn
  • Public Holiday Eve, Friday and Saturday: 24 Hrs

Do you know of any other McDonalds with playgrounds?

If you do, leave a comment to let me (and everyone else) know! 🙂

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