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Singkids at United Square closed on 29 March 2015.  Please visit them at the following branches:

Detailed Review of Singkids (United Square)

I have FINALLY paid a visit to the new Singkids branch at United Square.. Yippee!

United Square is near to Novena MRT, great news for those of us who stay in the North!  If you are planning to get to United Square via the MRT and you have a stroller with you, DO NOT use the MRT exit that leads to United Square – that exit is not stroller accessible, the escalators are narrow and there is a flight of stairs to climb at the end.  You will need to go out via Velocity and walk along the road, crossing the huge traffic junction to where United Square is.  I recommend ditching your stroller, because you can rent one at United Square.

Singkids is located at Basement 1 (#B1-56/56A).  This Singkids branch is supposed to be circus-themed, so you will greeted by a bright and colourful Singkids’ sign at the entrance. (Forgot to take photo!)

The Singkids here is VERY similar to the branch at Changi Airport T3: It is not your conventional indoor playground where kids run around mazes filled with obstacles, bridges, slides etc., instead you have all these spinning and moving apparatus for kids to literally hang around.


20120423-202335.jpg   20120423-202255.jpg

The first thing you will see when you enter is Singkids’ signature balloon vortex.  This is the only balloon vortex here, unlike the other two Singkids’ branches where there is another balloon vortex with the gigantic balloons.. They don’t have that here.


MF has never been a fan of the balloon vortexes.. Instead, what he preferred to do was to take the balloons that flew out and put them back in! Maybe Singkids want to consider hiring him?

20120423-202411.jpg   20120423-202416.jpg

Next, he headed for his FAVOURITE item at Singkids: The slide with water running inside!


And MF’s next favourite item at all playgrounds: Ball Pit.  Again, same as the one at Changi Airport branch.


The centerpiece of the playground: Singkids’ signature carousel.. You can find this at all three Singkids branches.  MF is still too young to swing on it, so he just stood at the side to hit the balls… And he kept missing! The balls would have rotated away by the time he swung his arms.  This is good training for his coordination!

20120423-202308.jpg  20120423-202349.jpg

Moving on, MF found the ‘trampoline’ that is filled with water… Like a water bed.  He was terrified of it initially!! It took him a long time before he decided to try touching it.  For a long time, he just sat at the side and ‘dipped’ his leg in, like enjoying an あしゆ (foot spa).  (Couldn’t resist typing a bit of Japanese, because they kept playing a Japanese song in the background.)


Later on when he saw some older kids jumping and walking on it, he finally decided to give it a try.

20120423-202359.jpg    20120423-202404.jpg

Okay, NOT a fan…

There are some new items that I have not seen at the airport or Vivo branch, one of which is this apparatus that will rock from side to side.  This apparatus looks strangely familiar, though I don’t see it in my photos of the other Singkids branches.. I think I saw it in Korea’s Hello Kitty Town.  Hmmm… I think I have been going to TOO many playgrounds, getting confused!


Another new item is this strange thing which I can’t figure out how to play.. There is a sign that says spectacles are not allow inside, so I couldn’t go in… And MF was not keen to go in on his own.  The whole time I was there, none of the kids ventured in… Oh well.


Overall, this place would be great for slightly older kids.. But not for toddlers.  There is no toddlers area here, unlike at the other two branches.. And the toddler merry-go-round that MF likes cannot be found here.  There is a maximum height limit of 145cm, but I don’t think there is much for older kids to do there either.

Out of the three Singkids branches, I think I still prefer the Vivocity branch, which is very different from the airport and United Square branch.  There is the gigantic bouncy slide and typical playground structure there that MF enjoys.  At 16 months, MF can’t play with most of the apparatus here, it is definitely not worth paying $18 (or $14 for member) to come.  But if your kid is old and agile enough to climb and dangle around the apparatus, I’m sure they will have great fun here! 🙂

There is no nursing or diaper-changing facility within Singkids itself.  The baby care room at United Square is excellent, but it’s a bit of a walk away.

For up-to-date information regarding Singkids’ locations, opening hours and play rates, please visit their official website or Facebook page.

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