SingKids PlaySystem @ Vivocity

Hidden at the corner on Level 1 of Vivocity, there is an indoor playground called SingKids.  All the times I’ve been to Vivo, I’m amazed that there is an indoor playground there that I failed to notice! Three of us decided to go check it out after the gym trial at Gymboree. Vivocity is huge, so we decided to check the directory and map first and finally found SingKids tucked away in a little corner. First impression: The place looks so colourful and cheerful!!

We had 3 babies below 1 year old, and the staff totally didn’t know how to charge us.. Because babies below 1 enter free, but that’s usually if they are following an elder (paying) child.  So she told us to get the membership, and let us in for free first and said she’ll ask her manager about the charges later.

The first thing we did when we entered was to put the babies in the gigantic balloon vortex.  The wind blowing the balloons was kinda cold, and MF was either freezing or scared of the gigantic balloons.. Either ways, he was kinda upset in there.

Next, we decided to put the babies in the toddler’s area.. It is kind short and tiring for us adults coz we have to bend down and follow the babies around.  The things in there were all spinning… I contemplated putting MF on a spinning thing, but remembered how much he hated being on a swing and decided against it.


I decided to let MF have a go on the merry-go-round instead:

Next, I brought MF up to the bouncing castle thingy.. He had no problem crawling around there, while I was the one starting to feel dizzy with the spinning and bouncing.

Before I had the opportunity to explore more things, the manager came and explained to us that she can charge us for 2 kids and let 1 enter free.. (So if you have even numbers, it’s buy 1 get 1 free.)  We figured there wasn’t much for babies below 1 year old to do here, so we decided to leave.

Before leaving, I managed to take a few more photos of the things available:

There is a cute bouncing structure with a bear in the middle, a SingKids version of carousel and a mini slide (in case you’re wondering, the water is just for decor, your kid won’t get wet.)

There is another balloon vortex with smaller balloons.  The toddlers area is UNDER the balloon vortex, so you can see how cramp it is for adults to go in:  

Didn’t have chance to explore this area.. It looks like MF could have had a bit of fun crawling around this structure.  The boat in the middle is moving.. Stay inside long enough and you will get seasick for real!

For more information regarding SingKids’ locations, opening hours and play rates, please visit their official website.


  • Roz says:

    Singkids at Changi Airport is smaller…the toddler play area is in a separate unit, the size of a small room. The older kids would probably enjoy it more because there are lot of things to climb and bounce on.

    But really, I find the whirling whirlyjigs very very strange…haha

  • Maria says:

    Thank you so much for such comprehensive blog with reviews of various playgrounds! I have got a few ideas where to take my daughter to try new places. I was not aware about Hockey Pockey and SIngkids. Plan to try Singkids tomorrow (she is 5 and has school holidays). Appreciate your time o0n updating this site regularly and amazing photos.

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