Sol Playground Cafe @ Turf City

*UPDATE*  SOL Playground Cafe has become Treehouse Cafe.  Read about it on this post!

Every time I take the shuttle bus from Toa Payoh to Turf City to go to Fidgets, I would alight near Sol Playground Cafe.. But I have never visited it.  Why? Because the playground at Fidgets is so much bigger and nicer and the food is much cheaper, PLUS there’s no entry fee for MF who is still less than 1 year old.. So I found no reason to visit Sol Playground Cafe.  But one day, as I just missed the shuttle bus back to Toa Payoh (and the next bus doesn’t come in another 30 min), I decided to just pop in to take a look.

I have seen their advertisements in parenting magazines.. and I must say, the real thing looks a lot sadder than in the advertisements.  It is not very well-maintained, the indoor and outdoor play areas both look a bit grim and dirty, I didn’t really feel like letting MF play there at all. (Mind you, I just came out from Fidgets, which is SO much more well-maintained.)

There is a small section indoors, which as some toys, books and a TV to keep the kids entertained.

Outdoors, there is a decent playground (which MF is still too young to play on his own at), and some other toys like a toy house and a dirty old walker.

Overall, this place is not so good for babies.. Maybe if you have an older kid, and don’t wish to pay the entrance fee for Fidgets, you can pop by here instead for your meal while letting your kids have some fun.  But for babies (especially below 1), I say don’t bother with this place and just hop over to Fidgets.

*UPDATE*  SOL Playground Cafe has moved out of Turf City w.e.f. 16 Jan 2012.  


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