Stuff to do at home – Sticker Scene craft activity

As my tummy gets bigger, I have been getting lazier and lazier to bring MF out.  It’s driving me insane thinking of ways to keep MF occupied at home.  I have read the same books a hundred times, played the same puzzles a few hundred times and played the same DVDs a thousand times.

Last weekend, I was at my in-laws place and saw my sister-in-law (a mother of 3) holding a stack of interesting looking stickers.  It’s a craft activity called ‘sticker scene’ and she gave me 3 sets to try out.

Each set comes in 2 separate pieces: The background and the stickers.  It’s really simple, you (or rather your kid) take the stickers and paste it on the background however you want to.


So 21 months old MF has a go.  The peeling the sticker part has to be done by me, because when MF tried to peel the stickers off, he ended up tearing some of the stickers, especially the really thin parts like the limbs of the people or the tails of the animals. So I peeled the stickers off and passed them to MF, he knew exactly what he to do and started pasting the stickers on the background sheet.


You will be able to know how much your kids understand of the world by watching what they do with the stickers.  For e.g. MF knew to paste things like helicopter, clouds and sun in the sky without me prompting him.


Here is MF’s completed sticker scene of the Police Station:


If you have older kids, it can get a bit more advanced by asking the kids to stack the stickers to create a bit of 3D effect (which is what I saw my niece and nephew do with theirs).

After finishing the Police station, MF enjoyed the activity so much that he asked for another one.  Here is one of dinosaurs:


You can see MF trying to make the two dinosaurs on top kiss each other (nope, they are not fighting.. According to him, they are kissing) and the orange dinosaur on the right is trying to eat the grass.


And the third one my sister-in-law gave me is of a safari.  I absolutely love this one.  Look at how MF put the monkey on the cloud.. I wonder if he was inspired by Journey to the West that aired recently on TV (which MF watched almost every evening).  He also knows monkeys love bananas and pasted the bananas on them. And when I told him zebras eat grass, he pasted the grass on the zebra’s mouth. If you look closely at the snake, you can see that it was torn, the stickers are pretty fragile, especially at the thin parts.


What I really love about this sticker scene activity is that the stickers and background sheet are made such that they can be peeled off and repositioned.  Also, the stickers do not get stuck to furniture and flooring, they come off easily. Overall, it was an absolutely mess-free activity and kept MF well-occupied and amused.

The downside of this is that I’m not sure where you can purchase this in Singapore.  My sister-in-law bought it from an online store, Oriental Trading, and they do not ship to Singapore.  You need to go through shipping services like vPost, Borderlinx, Comgateway etc.  And for a few sheets of stickers, the shipping cost can really add up to make it a pretty expensive activity, unless you are buying other stuff from US and consolidate the shipping.  Also, these Sticker Scenes are sold in packs of 12 of the same design, so if you only have one kid, you may have to find someone to share it with you.

Anyway Oriental Trading has tons of awesome stuff besides the sticker scenes.  Loads of craft activities that you can get for your kids to try out and party stuff if you are planning your kids’ birthday party. I remember during my niece’s 5th birthday, my sister-in-law bought some design-your-own foam tiaras and the kids sat down to decorate their own tiaras and wore them during the party.  It was such a cool idea! They also have design-your-own party bags, bookmarks, photo frames etc.  which I thought would make great party favours (and keep the kids seated and occupied for a while).

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