The Bank Bar + Bistro Review – Kids Play and Dine FREE on Weekends!

I visited The Bank Bar + Bistro, ermmm.. quite long ago.  I always tell people that I blog because I have crap memory, and without my blog, I would forget everything.  But guess what? I can even forget to blog.

So yesterday, the kids and I were flipping through “Got Kids, Go Where” by Cheekiemonkie.  We came to the page on ‘The Bank Bar + Bistro’.

Got Kids Go Where The Bank Bar + Bistro

MF exclaimed, “We went there before!!” So I replied, with as much enthusiasm as I could (because we have been through this at least 10 times already – we have been to A LOT of the places in the book before), “Yes! We went there before! Your memory is so good!” And it suddenly struck me, “Oh crap! I forgot to blog about it!” So here I am, blogging about it.

Alright, back to my review of The Bank Bar + Bistro!

The Bank Bar + Bistro Food

There were 5 adults and 5 kids in our group.  The Bank Bar + Bistro had KIDS DINE FREE promotion on weekends. So for each main course, we were entitled to a FREE kids meal.  We ordered 4 main courses (which came with 4 free kids meal) to share.

First main dish was lamb shank, which we all enjoyed.  I hate super tough lamb shank, but the one here was very tender.  You know, the kind where the meat just comes off the bone and breaks apart easily? Yeah, love it.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 05

Lamb Shank ($33.50)


Second main dish was pork chop.  When my dad wanted to order this, I was like, “What?! $33.50 for pork chop??” But turned out, this was the BEST dish among everything we ordered.  I never thought pork chop could taste this good.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 07

Hoisin Marinated Grilled Pork Chop ($33.50)


Third dish was pan-seared salmon.  I am a sashimi lover and never liked cooked salmon. Period.  It was my mum who ordered it.  I didn’t try it. It looked kind of small and I knew it wasn’t enough for my mum. :p

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 08

Pan-seared salmon ($28)


The last main dish was part of a weekend promotion set.  It was roast beef, not particularly memorable.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 06

Roast Beef (forgot how much it cost, too long ago.)


The weekend lunch set came with dessert.  The chocolate cake was pretty moist.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 09

Next, the kids meals.   They were all free under their weekend Kids Dine Free promotion. Since they were free, I shall have no complaints.  But if I had paid the menu price for them, I would be crying foul!! I didn’t know whether it was because they used plates that were too big, or the portion was just pathetically small.  It was the saddest looking kids meals I have ever had.

First came the baked dory which was like… Ooookay…. That piece of fish was a tad small.  But maybe because the plate was big so it looked relatively small.  But for $12? Definitely too small.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 01 Kids Meal

Baked Pacific Dory ($12)


Then came the baked chicken.  Chicken? What? Where? It’s there alright.  Between the corn and spaghetti. Yup, now you see it.  Sad huh.  $12.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 03 Kids Meal

Baked Boneless Chicken ($12)


You would think it couldn’t get any worse.  But next came the fish finger.  Approximately the size of a McNugget. $12. ‘Nuff said.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 02 Kids Meal

Fish Finger ($12)


The most decent kids meal came last. At least it managed to cover the centre of the plate??

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Food and Menu 04 Kids Meal

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($9.50)


What can I say.  If it’s free, no complaints.  If not, DON’T ORDER THE KIDS MEAL.  And they should really consider serving the kids meals in smaller plates.  Maybe it wouldn’t look THAT bad then.


The Bank Bar + Bistro Play Room

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 1

The playroom at The Bank Bar + Bistro was open only on weekends.  On weekdays, the area was a lounge for the working class in the area to enjoy their drinks.  Hence explaining the very vintage and non-kiddish furnishing.

There was a TV screening cartoons, but none of the 5 kids paid any attention to it.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 3

There were some toys, including a Building Blocks table, that were also neglected by the kids.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 2

So what were the kids doing??? They were just hanging out in the pool.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 4

There was a little slide going into the pool of balls which 2 year old MY loved, despite it being all pinkish and girlish.  Oh well, he didn’t know yet.  4 year old MF was the one who would go, “I don’t want to go into the bouncy castle. It is pink. It is for girls.” Duh…

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 5

Next to the ball pool was a basketball hoop, where the kids kept dunking balls into.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 6

Yes, it was fun and all.  But little did they realize that the balls were all falling through the hoop, onto the floor and rolling ALL OVER the playroom!  And you know how rugby balls bounce… Randomly.  They eventually realized they were running out of balls in the pool. So they went out and started throwing the balls back.  And seemed quite happy about it.  How come they don’t look so happy when I ask them to pick up the balls in our house??

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 7

They decided to cheat after a while by pulling the hoop down, so that the balls would fall back into the pool. I didn’t see the fun in that.  They did.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 8

If your kids are not as boh-liao (silly) as them, don’t worry.  The kids menu doubled up as a colouring sheet.  So kids can also sit at the dining table and do colouring instead.

The Bank Bar + Bistro Review Play Room 9

In Summary…

The Bank Bar + Bistro makes for a good weekend family dining venue.  But only on special occasions, since it is a bit pricey.  The food (for adults that is) was generally delicious.  Like my dad said after the meal, there is a difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘value’.  He felt that the pork chop, although expensive, was value because  he rarely ate such nice pork chop.

But value, the kids meals were not.  They were disappointingly small in serving size.  But it was FREE with a main course during weekends.  So moral of the story? DO NOT order the kids meal ala-carte.  Just order a main dish and get the kids meal for free.  You pay a bit more, but get much better value.


Address: 1 Shenton Way, One Shenton, #01-01, Singapore 068803

Getting There: Downtown MRT (DT17)

Tel: 6636 2188

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 11am – 12am | Sat & Sun: 9am – 12am
*Note that play room is only available on weekends.

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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  • Christy Wong says:

    Shenton way?! Amazing that they have kids friendly restaurant there! SG is getting better in child friendly places 🙂 The food looks good for a visit but agree with you on small kids portion. But I would think it is sufficient for little ones who may not eat too much and food may end up in the bin. I notice that most play areas are suitable for only little kids. I have a hard time finding one that caters to all my 3 kids from 3 to 10, except for Cool de sac and Cafe Melba so far.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I thought it was very clever for a restaurant at Shenton Way to convert into a kids-friendly restaurant on weekends. I mean, Shenton Way is a dead zone on weekends, it was a good strategy to draw in some weekend crowd.

      And yes, I also noticed that the play areas at restaurants tend to cater to younger kids. But I guess the rationale is that older children should be able to sit still for longer duration at the dining table? I have not reached that stage yet, but I sure wish my kids would outgrow the stage where they absolutely cannot sit still for a meal. Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking.. hahaha… I remember myself running around the restaurants checking out live fishes in tanks when I was a child while the adults continued eating.

  • Ai Sakura says:

    We went there a few years back too and I like their fluffy pancakes! Ohh you’re good as you can still find back old pics.. my photo filing sys is so bad and I have a hard time looking for old photos. One of the reasons why I need to upload them online fast too 😛

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I always file my photos into folders on the computer the moment I transfer them out of my phone / SD card. Just that now I have so many folders that I forget what folders I have… LOL. But at least if the time comes when I need a folder, I can search it up easily. 🙂

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