The most disastrous evening (to date)

Today hubby was working late. On days like these, I usually bring the kids out so that time would pass faster. But since they were sick, I couldn’t go out.

The day went by somewhat fine.. MY was having growth spurt and nursed non-stop. No kidding.. From 9am onwards, he was nursing every hour or so. But that is fine, I am used to having a baby perpetually latched to me. I had him in my sling all day and managed to cook lunch and dinner for MF and feed him. I felt like super mum by the time MF finished his dinner!

But that was when disaster started. MY started pooping non-stop out of the blue. I kept changing diapers and there was no end to it. By 8pm, his butt was so red and sore that he started screaming in pain. So I decided to air his butt, but he refused to lie down to let his butt air. I took a towel and lightly wrapped it around his butt and carried him around to calm him down.

Then MF decided to join in the crying. I wanted to put MY down to calm MF down, but MY again screamed until his whole face was red and looked like he was about to suffocate, so I quickly picked him up again. MF, failing to get my attention, cried harder.. And vomitted his entire dinner out.


So there MF was, standing in the pile of vomit and crying, and MY was still in my arms screaming his lungs out.

It got better.. Amidst the chaos, the towel around MY’s butt came loose and MY pooed onto me and the poo dripped down my clothes and onto the floor.


I dumped the towel and took another piece of towel to wrap nicely around MY’s butt and grabbed some tissue to wipe up the poo on my legs and the floor. MF, still standing in the pile of vomit, continued to cry.

When MY somewhat calmed down at last, I quickly put him down and brought MF to the toilet to wash the vomit off. Halfway through, MY started screaming in pain again and I ran out to check on him.

And when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, MF slipped and fell in the bathroom!! I quickly put MY down and rushed to the bathroom to pick MF up, checked that he was okay, dressed him and planted him in front of the TV so that he didn’t get into any more mishaps and rushed back to pick MY up before he choked to death crying.

Finally, super daddy returned home and cleaned up the shit and vomit on the floor.

What an evening it had been. But as always, even in the worst situations, I managed to humour myself by taking the above photos and whatsapping them to hubby. Hey, at least it got him mentally prepared for what he saw when he returned home.

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