Treehouse Cafe @ The Grandstand (Turf City)




Please note that Treehouse Cafe is no longer in operation. 



Yet another addition to the list of kids friendly restaurant at Turf City is Treehouse Cafe. I discovered it when I went to meet my friend for tea at Turf City on Thursday. However, MF wasn’t with me that day, so I just popped over to take some photos. There were only a few kids playing there on the weekday and the place looked really nice and cozy.


20130316-225624.jpg 20130316-225616.jpg

The ‘treehouse’ has two levels. On the first level, there are some magazines and books for reading, and tables and chairs for playing toys such as Lego and bead-chaser. The second level is pretty bare, only one toy rack with a few toys. Note that there are small objects like tiny lego pieces in the play area, so young toddlers need to be supervised.


There are some pretty comfortable seats that allow you a good view of the play area, so you can sit back and enjoy a drink while watching your kids play inside.


Today, I met my family at Turf City for lunch and immediately suggested coming to Treehouse Cafe. MF had so much fun playing with his cousins and the adults were able to have a peaceful meal while the 3 kids entertained themselves at the play area!



But on a weekend, the play area was pretty crowded and the toys were strewn all over and the staff did not bother trying to pack them up the whole time we were there. Oh well, think their job is more to serve the diners than to pick up toys (which would anyway be thrown all over again right after they pick them up.)


As for the food, I find them kinda pricey and not fantastic. I prefer the food at Prive if you want a good brunch, or ToTT for a much cheaper macaroni and cheese for the kids.


Overall, although the food wasn’t fantastic, this cafe still warrants a visit with the kids because the play area is good enough to keep them entertained for an hour or two. In addition, they are located pretty near the nursing room which makes it very convenient for nursing. And they have a diaper-changing room within the cafe!


They also offer party packages if you are looking for a venue to throw your kid’s birthday party.



The Grandstand a.k.a. Turf City (200 Turf Club Road)
South Grandstand area
Singapore 287994

Tel: (65) 6469-0282

For up-to-date information about Treehouse Cafe, please visit their official website.


  • Choonie Chua says:

    I was there recently and their service has certainly gone down since 2013. I was served raw chicken when I ordered a rosemary chicken. To think I almost fed my son the chicken… They were not profession handling the issue and the chef shirk it off by saying he did not know he is only 3 weeks into the job. The manager wasn’t around and I had to call him up. Overall they were not serious with their food safety. Better be very careful when you go back again. I know I won’t. If you like I can eve email

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